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When Monako's missionary parents where killed in India by a tribe of black magicians he was adopted by the chief of another tribe that also practices the same arts. Monaco was tought to learn all they know about magic.


Monako was created by Larry Antonette and first appeared in Daring Mystery Comics #1.

Major Story Arcs

Magician in England

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While away from the village one day colonial forces wiped out his adopted people. Feeling lost, Monako is set wandering around the world, eventually ending up in England. He lives there for many years righting some of the wrongs his former tribe did. He then moves to America in the early 1940's and takes up a career as somewhat of a hero. He has lived in America from that moment on.

Doctor Strange

More recently, Monako, now an elderly man, was seen along with Doctor Strange during the battle of The Last Days of Magic.


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