Mona Doyle

    Character » Mona Doyle appears in 27 issues.

    Mona is Elaine Belloc's best friend and was murdered by an assailant whose identity was not learned for some time, and as such was left on Earth as a ghost until she was finally granted death.

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    In the beginning

    Mona Doyle was Elaine Belloc's best friend, the two were inseparable. They shared secrets, they sang and danced with each other, Mona being more of the brute than the brains but still the two loved each other dearly...until Mona met Death's embrace via being thrown into traffic. She traveled to Elaine who after being informed she was murdered rather than suicide, with the help of her Grandmother's spirits attempt to raise a lesser demon. This doesn't work so she attempts to summon Lucifer to which her grandmothers insist she stop before he destroys her soul! The next day Elaine travels to the school where Mona went, the two investigate until a hunch leaves Elaine feeling as if her friend's teacher was the real murderer. She storms out after getting a good "dad treatment" from her father I.E. "I'm disappointed in you" etc.

    That night the two travel to their teacher's garage, they pick open the lock with a skeleton key and find Drugs. Drugs just like her Father sold. The teacher captures Elaine and ties her up but she manages to poison him, unfortunately from chewing open the Ketamine to poison him, she go's on a bit of a drug trip's here where she meets Lucifer. The two talk briefly and inside the teacher's mind (where Elaine and Lucifer meet), they find exactly why Mona had been murdered.

    Her father had been buying the drugs from him at an early age, he recognized Mona later when she went to school, he recognized her and was afraid she'd recognize him and that is why he committed the grisly murder he did. Ironically, she didn't recognize him so he had nothing to be afraid of. That night the two girls wrote everything down and burned it just so the story could be told one time...the right way.


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