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    They are an amphibious species, with both humanoid as well as fish-like aspects to their physiology and appearance.They have a skin colour similar to salmon, with various markings of either a white, beige or black colour across their bodies, they also have webbed-hands and feet along with extremely large eyes, much resemblant of fish as well as males of the species possessing, barbels on their chin, which are also resemblant to certain fish and the average Mon Calamari stood at somewhere in the region of 1.3 metres to 1.8 metres in height. Due to the amphibious aspect of their physiology they were also said to smell of salt and the sea, quite the unique scent.

    This species are capable to go below sea level to the point of around 30 metres, and from there are able to stay under water for an indefinite amount of time with no need for any form of apparatus or help. However, despite their natural ability to live under water, if a member of the species were to start panicking, or a very young Mon Calamari were to become lost, they could also drown due to the stress and panic.

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    Their body and customs also made them very distinct from other amphibious lifeforms, in that, not only were their hands webbed. They also have five claws on them, which signified their potential to possess natural predatory instincts and also the fact that their hands hand suction cups on them. Which were used in all aspects of their life, especially for clinging to surfaces when escaping from perhaps a predator or even members of their own species. Their eyes also made them very distinct, in that they could move them independently of the other. They had customs, which involved certain movements with their eyes and eye contact that signified different things. Such as staring with their left eye to initiate the feeling of surprise, and staring with their right eye to signify the longing for a fight or perhaps the feeling of love. Different situations and circumstances of course effected what the movements meant at different times.

    A member of the species was considered to be old by the age range of 58-79, and to be middle aged in the age range of 41-57, while to be a fully grown adult they were considered to have to of been between the age range of 17-40. Although it was rare, there has been some evidence of the species to live to ages of around 80.

    The Mon Calamari were a species also known for producing a fair number of force-sensitives. Meaning that, although not as many as other species, many of the force sensitives across the decades have been of the Mon Calamari species.

    Jedi/Sith Mon Calamari

    Ambaln - A Jedi Knight who turned to the dark side.

    Baggro - A Jedi Padawan.

    Cilghal - A Jedi Master and former New Republic Senator.

    Bant Eerin - A Jedi Master.

    Gar Granga - A Sith Cult member.

    Gumbrak Hoxz - A Jedi Padawan.

    Jerga - A Jedi Knight.

    Eekar Oki - A Jedi Knight.

    Ozlo - A Jedi Knight.

    Rune - A Jedi Knight.

    Shalimin - A Jedi Knight.

    Bre'ano Umakk - A Jedi Knight.

    Nahdar Vebb - A Jedi Knight.


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