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    Momo was a winged lemur and a loyal companion of Avatar Aang and his friends. Momo was the last of the winged lemur after the air nomad genocide.

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    Momo and Fruit
    Momo and Fruit

    Momo is a small feisty brown and white Winged lemur, that roamed the deserted and abandoned Southern AIr Temple ruins. Aang, Katara and Sokka decide on visiting the temple as it was Aang's former home. Aang reminisces and relives old memories with his new companions. Whilst observing the Avatar statures in the Southern AIr Temple Sanctuary the group are startled by a large shadow that they fear belong to Fire Benders. Much to their relief it turns out to be a small Flying Lemur. Aang wishes it for a pet, however Sokka's hunger has him viewing Momo as a potential snack. The two chase after Momo before Aang discovers the body of an old friend and pauses to reflect. After Momo steals a peach from Sokka, Aang names him Momo. Aang also speaks to both Momo and Appa that they are the last survivors of the Southern Air Benders and as such, need to stick together. Aang introduces Momo to Katara and Sokka as an official part of their team.   

    Momo is considered to be one of the few living survivors of the Air Nomad Genocide. A Genocide enforced to ensure the end of the Avatar lineage. Despite being a small animal, Momo demonstrates a crafty and cunning intelligence and loyalty and affect to those in his traveling party, especially Aang and Appa, although he would often play fight with the latter over food. Momo also enjoys pleasant interactions with Toph. Toph once rescued Momo during a particularly windy storm when Momo almost flew off Appa. Later on when Toph fell off Appa, Momo  desperately flung himself towards her in an effort to save her. Momo has large green eyes and a striped tail.    



    The Momo character is created by Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino. Momo first appears in the Avatar: The Last Air Bender animated series, episode "The Southern Air Temple". Momo is voice by Dee Bradley Baker. Momo is considered to be the last of his kind, that being a Winged Lemur. Momo is the Japanese word for peach. Curiously enough Momo steals and eats a peach in his first appearance. Momo's creation process evolved a lot from his early inception, as he was originally conceived as a robot. Creators also thought of revealing Momo as the reincarnated character Monk Gyatso. Avatar co creator Bryan Konietzko cites Momo as his favorite character to draw.     

    Major Story Arcs 

    Book One: Water   
    A lonely Momo wanders the ruins of the Southern AIr Temple, to be discovered by Aang and his group, and now along with Appa and Aang, the last of his kind, will travel to save the world. Momo is characterized by his agility, curiosity, and appetite for fruit. In Omashu, Momo had his first opportunity to help out the team, as his small size could allow him and only him to slip through a vent and seek help from Appa, however after exhausting his appetite eating too much fruit, Momo was too big for the vent. Momo also comes in handy aiding Katara at a later point when he cuts a rope binding her, freeing her from captives. Momo also encounters a Reptile bird during his time with the group, and manages to defeat it using quick thinking.  
    Book Two: Earth  
    Again in Omashu, a small child, who also happened to be the son of the New Ozai Governor, is fascinated with Momo's pretty striped tail, and so decides to follow the cute Flying Lemur, unintentionally causing his parents to worry with fear that he has been kidnapped. When Appa goes missing and is subsequently stolen, Momo was distraught, missing his friend and even attempted to search for the big Sky Bison. Getting into a fight with some pygmy pumas, Momo is then forced to dance as a monkey in a side street attraction, eventually befriending the pygmy puma's they lead him to Appa's footprint, where Momo curls up and sleeps dreaming of his friend.  
    Book Three: Fire   
    Momo and Sokka's messenger Hawk, Hawky often scuffle and fight and display aggression towards each other, with Appa needing to intervene. When Aang hallucinates, he envisions Momo and Appa speaking to him and entering into a bizarre duel    
    Fruit Stand Freestyle 
    A hungry and sneaky Momo attempts to steal some fruit from a fruit stand, and succeeds, but has to deal with a baby Boarcupine who chases and attacks him. Momo managed to use his tail to trip and hang the aggressive animal.    

    Powers and Abilities

    Momo as would indicate as his status as a Flying Lemur, has the ability to glide and fly. Despite being a small animal, Momo has demonstrated the ability to fiercely attack and assault any who dare to attack or bring harm to his friends. Momo has incredible strength for his size, sufficient to support and carry Aang on a few occasions. He also manages to get the upper hand in his various physical encounters with other animals his size, including messenger hawks, Reptile birds and (baby) Boarcupines. 

    Other Media 

    Momo appears in the live action film based on the Avatar: The Last Airbender animated series.

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