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Born in New York City, Mark Raxton was a laboratory assistant to Dr. Spencer Smythe, and while both are employed at Oscorp Industries they create an experimental metallic alloy derived from a meteor or organic material. Dr. Smythe's intends to use this alloy on his last invention, the Spider-Slayers. Raxton's greed gets the better of him and he tries to steal the alloy to sell it but he's caught in the act by Smythe. Following a small scuffle between Raxton and Smythe, the alloy is spilled on and absorbed by Raxton’s skin. While in route to the hospital, Raxton discovers the alloy has given him various powers and realizes that they can help him achieve vast wealth. Raxton takes on the name Molten Man, and decides to use a life of crime to further his goals but is stopped by Peter Parker, as Spider-Man, and put into jail. Eventually Molten Man is released and attempts to continue his law breaking ways but is once again caught and beaten by Spider-Man.


Molten Man was created for use in Marvel comics by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Molten Man's first appearance is in The Amazing Spider-Man #28, where an experimental metallic alloy spills and is absorbed by his skin giving him various powers and abilities.

Character Evolution

Mark Raxton while being incredibly brilliant, has always been greedy and chose to embrace he life of crime in order to achieve what desired. While working as a lab assisant to Dr. Spencer Smythe, Raxton tried to steal the metallic alloy that both he and the doctor had created, with the intention of selling it to the highest bidder. His greed came back to bite him when the alloy spilled on him and turned him into Molten Man.

At various points in his life as Molten Man, he is unable to control his power and his body starts to literally melt, threatening to kill him. Fortunately for Mark, Harry Osborne develops a cure and relieves Mark of his powers, thereby turning him back into a normal man.

Major Story Arcs

Civil War

After Spider-Man goes public with his identity, during the Superhuman Civil War, Raxton was coerced by the Chameleon into joining him, Electro, Swarm, Will O' the Wisp, and Scarecrow in a bid to kill Spider-Man, for if Raxton didn't agree to join them, the Chameleon threatened the life of Liz and Normie. Luckily, Spider-Man had the edge thanks to his then new Iron Spider-Man outfit provided for him by Tony Stark, which made him impervious to Raxton's molten body. Raxton was later seen alongside the Scarecrow in an attempt to draw out Captain America and his forces, but thanks to the Punisher, Raxton was brutally beaten and met defeat yet again.

Powers and Abilities

Molten Man was given superhuman powers after exposure to an organic liquid metal alloy obtained from a meteor discovered by Spencer Smythe, these abilities include

Superhuman Strength- Molten Man can lift 40 tons

Invulnerability- Molten Man can withstand temperatures of 500° Fahrenheit at most for a long duration, incredibly difficult to injury (resistant to high caliber bullets). Spider-Man's webs are unable to stick to Molten Man's alloy coated skin.

Intelligence- Molten Man is a very smart scientist who has graduated from college with a Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering, and assisted Dr. Smythe in developing the metallic alloy which covers his skin. In addition, Molten Man is an expert safe cracker by using his metallic fingertips which are sensitive to metal sounds in locks.

Heat Generation- Molten Man has displayed the ability to emit dangerous and deadly radiation, as well as being able to radiate heat up to 300° Fahrenheit. The skin of Molten Man has gotten so hot that it literally melted off of him.


Liz Allan- Step-sister

Normie Osborn- Nephew

Harry Osborn- Former brother-in-law.

Other Media

Video Games

Molten Man in MUA2
Molten Man in MUA2

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Voiced by Andrew Koshino in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, Molten Man is one of the nanite-injected villains used by the U.N. affiliated intelligence agency S.H.I.E.L.D.. During the campaign The Pro-Registration , Molten Man is shown battling Goliath along with the heroes. He is next seen in the middle of The Anti-Registration campaign, both She-Hulk and he fight the team Cloak and Dagger before the heroes' arrival. When the nanite hive-mind called the Fold becomes sentinent, Molten Man is seen attacking both sides along with many other super-villains being mind controlled by the Fold.


Spectacular Spider-Man

Molten Man in Spectacular Spider-Man
Molten Man in Spectacular Spider-Man

Voiced by Eric Lopez, Molten Man appears in the second season of Spectacular Spider-Man TV Series as Liz Allan's full. Mark Raxton is renamed Mark Allan in this version of Spider-Man. At one point he has a love affair with Mary Jane Watson, and shown to have a gambling problem which he temporarily gives up. Sometime later, the lure of gambling is too much and he makes a bet with Blackie Gaxton, but loses and as a result is forced to be a test subject in an experiment to pay off the debt owed. Miles Warren transforms Mark into Molten Man, but Mark is unable to control his transformation. After this, the Green Goblin offers Molten Man his normal life back if he is successful in assassinating, however if Molten Man can't kill Spider-Man then he will be sent to the Vault. During the episode "Opening Night", while a prison break is in progress, Spider-Man tests the durability of said Vault, and Green Goblin offers Molten Man an ultimatum, kill Spider-Man or remain as Molten Man forever.


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