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    Crystar's twin brother who betrayed him by joining the forces of Chaos only to redeem himself at the final hour.

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    Moltar is the twin brother of Crystar. After their father's death in the first war between Order and Chaos, the two princes ruled jointly with their uncle Lord Feldspar as regent. The day before their joint coronation, the princes were visited by the wizard Ogeode, who warned them that the prophesied return of Chaos was at hand. Later, they were visited by the Chaos sorcerer Zardeth, who told them to ally with the forces of Chaos or be crushed upon their return.


    Moltar was created by Mary Jo Duffy and Bret Blevins and first appeared in The Saga of Crystar, Crystal Warrior issue 1 (1983).

    Major Story Arcs

    War in the Kingdom

    The two princes were divided by the visits. Crystar, remembering Ogeode's services in defense of their kingdom in the first war, wished to ally with the forces of Order. Moltar, on the other hand, believed it wiser to ally with the forces of Chaos and be spared the wrath of Zardeth. Lord Feldspar sided with Crystar, much to Moltar's anger, in the ensuing argument was knocked unconscious by Moltar. Crystar attacked his brother in a rage, only to be mortally wounded in response.

    Moltar was horrified by his own actions, but declared himself king rather than face charges of treason, and publicly defended his actions as being in defense of the kingdom. Lavour, Crystar's power-hungry betrothed, decided to ally with Moltar and endorsed his reign. They quickly began a romantic relationship. Unfortunately for Moltar, Ogeode saved Crystar's life by transforming him into a crystal warrior, and unleashed a spell that would only harm those loyal to Moltar.

    Moltar, Lavour and their followers fled into the company of Zardeth. Pledging themselves to the cause of Chaos, they were transformed into powerful Magma Men as a gift. These new forms could generate great heat and was impervious to fire and magma. His body was also resistant to most forms of wounds. He no longer needed to eat, drink or breathe. They marched on the city of Galax, hoping to claim it for their lord, but were driven back by Crystar and his Crystal Warriors.

    When Zardeth's ally Malachon planned to execute the Crystal Warrior named Koth, an old friend of his, Moltar had enough of Chaos' cruel methods. As a climatic battle between the forces of Order and Chaos began, Moltar renounced Chaos in favor of his old friends and his brother. When the battle was won, Zardeth used his dying breathe to return Moltar to his human form, but left Lavour as one of the Magma people. The two lovers could never touch again. A repentant Moltar renounced his claim to the throne, and Crystar became King of Crystalium.


    Many years later, Moltar was seen again during the events of Secret Wars, in which Doctor Doom had remade the universe. Moltar was found in a strange place named Weirdworld where he had sided with the evil Morgan le Fay and had captured his brother Crystar, whom had seemingly been reduced to a pile of crystal stones.


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