Mojo II

    Character » Mojo II appears in 37 issues.

    A clone of Mojo with a spine, Mojo II sought the overthrow of Mojo, though shared his affinity for slaves and gladiator reality entertainment.

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    Mojo II implanted a spine on himself in order not to be obese like his predecessor and seem more capable until he demonstrated his bloodthirsty tactics. He rounded up a group of mutant Spineless Ones and several slaves created from the Spineless Ones to do battle with Mojo. After the defeated of the original Mojo, he became another tyrant for the Mojoverse. But then the original Mojo overthrew him and exiled him from the Mojoverse.

    Later, Mojo II began an Escape Room business in New York because he though that by recording the dramatic escapes it would create good television programming which would convince Mojo to let him back into the Mojoverse, especially escapes that involved super heroes. When Squirrel Girl, Kraven and their friends entered one of his escape rooms, they not only escaped Mojo II's traps, but they also found Mojo II himself and defeated him.

    After his defeat, Mojo II was returned to the Mojoverse. He then got a job there at a TV store where he discovered that he really enjoyed the work and had a great aptitude for it. he was quickly promoted to manager.


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