Moiraine Damodred

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    An Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah and advisor to the Dragon Reborn

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    Moiraine was born and raised in Cairhien. The niece of the reigning king, she spent much of her youth in the Sun Palace where she gained knowledge of Daes Dae'mar, the Game of Houses. At sixteen she travelled to the White Tower where she received training to become an Aes Sedai.


    Moiraine was originally created by Robert Jordan for his book series The Wheel of Time, making her first appearance in the series' first book The Eye of the World. She made her first comic appearance in Wheel of Time: New Spring #1, written by Jordan and Chuck Dixon and illustrated by Mike Miller.

    Major Story Arcs

    New Spring

    While an Accepted in the Tower she is witness to the foretelling that marks the birth of the Dragon Reborn, and she and her friend Siuan Sanche become dedicated to finding the Dragon Reborn and guiding him towards Tarmon Gai'don. After being raised to the shawl, Moiraine travels to the Borderlands where she meets al'Lan Mandragoran, with whom she uncovers a sister of the Black Ajah. He then agrees to become her Warder, and the pair dedicate themselves to searching for the Dragon Reborn.

    The Eye of the World

    Moiraine and Lan travel to the small town of Emond's Field in the district of the Two Rivers in Andor. There they encounter Rand al'Thor, Matrim Cauthon, and Perrin Aybara, three youths who are powerful ta'veren. When the town is attacked by Trollocs she aids in repelling the invaders and leads the three boys out of the town and towards Caemlyn, bringing Egwene al'Vere, Nynaeve al'Meara and Thom Merrilin along as well. The group seeks refuge in the corrupted city of Shadar Logoth where they are eventually separated. Moiraine, Lan and Nynaeve eventually reunite with and rescue Perrin and Egwene, who were captured by Whitecloaks. After saving the pair, Moiraine and the others travel on to the city of Caemlyn, where they reunite with Rand and Mat. Moiraine discovers that Mat has been poisoned by a ruby-hilted dagger stolen from Shadar Logoth, and explains that he must be taken to Tar Valon to he healed of the taint. She and several others in the group then travel to the Eye of the World, an untainted well of Saidin, the male half of the One Power. There, she battles one of the Forsaken and is able to hold her own. After the antagonists are defeated, she reveals that Rand is the Dragon Reborn.

    Powers and Abilities

    Moiraine is a channeler, meaning that she is capable of wielding Saidar, the female half of the One Power. She is a fairly powerful channeler, and a quick learner, progressing from Novice to full Aes Sedai in only six years. Having been raised in the court of Cairhien, she has experience with Daes Dae'mar, a game of political and social maneuvering practiced throughout many courts. As a channeler, her lifespan is greatly expanded compared to regular humans. However, as an Aes Sedai and thus bound by the Three Oaths, her potential lifespan is shortened.

    Other Media


    The Wheel of Time

    Moiraine was originally created for the Wheel of Time series of books. She has thus far appeared in six books in the series.


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