Mohrgan Fel

    Character » Mohrgan Fel appears in 3 issues.

    A loyal Imperial Knight and bodyguard of Emperor Roan Fel who died fighting Darth Krayt.

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    Mohrgan Fel is the cousin of Emperor Roan Fel and Princess Marasiah Fel. He was an Imperial Knight and bodyguard of the Emperor.


    In 130 ABY, Roan Fel plans a meeting with the Moff Council about the end of the Sith-Imperial War with Antares Draco and Mohrgan. Mohrgan does not want Roan to go as it would be a good time for the Moffs to try to assassinate him. The Emperor dismisses these threats by saying that the Moffs are too traditional to kill him but to keep an eye out for Nyna Calixte because she had made vague threats to him earlier. At that moment Draco notices something behind a curtain and Calixte walks out. Mohrgan ignites his lightsaber and pins her against the wall using the Force. When she reveals she knows of an assassination attempt on the Emperor to take place at the meeting, Roan orders Mohrgan to let her down. Roan decides to send a body double and Mohrgan offers to lead the Imperial Knights as body guards because it needs to look real and if the double shows up alone, it would be suspicious. During the meeting, the Sith walk in led by Darth Krayt himself and attacks the body double and the Knights. Mohrgan lasts the longest in the fight against Krayt but ultimately is no match for the Dark Lord of the Sith and is slain. Draco and the Emperor feel his death in the Force.


    Mohrgan Fel was a loyal but headstrong Imperial Knight. He was the cousin of Emperor Roan Fel and his personal bodyguard. He was loyal as he led basically a suicide mission to protect Roan’s body double against a Sith assassination attempt. This also revealed his headstrong nature as he thought that a Sith was nothing special. This underestimation led to his death.

    Powers and Abilities

    Mohrgan was a Force sensitive human male who was trained as an Imperial Knight. He was a skilled Force user and an exceptional lightsaber combatant even by Imperial Knight standards as he was able to last the longest against Darth Krayt but ultimately died as he could not compensate for the Dark Lord’s two lightsabers.


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