Mohinder Suresh

    Character » Mohinder Suresh appears in 8 issues.

    Mohinder took on his father's work to discover the truth about individuals with superhuman abilities.

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    Volume 1

    In the first season, Mohinder is the only human main character (until Mr. Bennet is later cast as a main character). He travels to New York to gather his fathers belongings after he was killed in a "car crash" while driving his taxi.

    Mohinder's father, Chandra went to New York to try and prove his theory of evolved evolution. At first Mohinder believes he's crazy, but after his father is killed, and he claims his research, Mohinder decides to carry on with it.

    He takes up his fathers job and begins renting his fathers appartment, be-friending his neighbour, Eden McCain. Eden is later revealed to be working for HRG, and her task is to get Claire Bennet's name of Chandra, now Mohinder's list.

    During this time, Peter Petrelli comes to Mohinder, beleiving that he can fly and telling him that Issac Mendez can paint the

    Suresh in Volume 1, trying to find Sylar who killed his father
    Suresh in Volume 1, trying to find Sylar who killed his father

    future. But after Peter is visited by future, and after Peter tells Mohinder about it, Mohinder believes it's a fools errand and returns to India.

    There he discovers that he did have an older sister, Shanti who died shortly after he was born. His sisters name is the password for his fathers computer, containing the list. This was all revealed to Mohinder by a young boy by the name of Sanjog Lyer, who has the ability of dream manipulation. Sanjog also helped him discover that his father was killed by Sylar.

    Mohinder returns to New York, and goes after Nathan, explaining that he and his brothers have powers. When Nathan comes to visit him later, he tells him that Peter is like a sponge.

    Shorlty after, Eden calls Mohinder explaining that she wasn't who he thought she was. A while later, he learns of her suicide.

    Mohinder then begins a quest across the U.S. to find people with these special abilities. On his first visit to a man named Zane Taylor with the power of liquidfication, Mohinder is conned by Sylar whose impersonating Zane, to take "Zane" with him on his quest.

    They next visit Dale Smither, and Sylar kills her and steals her power, but convinces Mohinder just to run otherwise they'd look suspicious. When the two return to New York, Mohinder discovers who Sylar is, and drugs him and torchers him. However, Sylar breaks free and pins Mohinder to the ceiling. Luckily for him, Peter arrives and saves him, and Mohinder in turn saves Peter, by taking his body to the Petrelli mansion where Claire pulled the shard of glass from his head, allowing him to heal.

    Thompson then arrives at Mohinder's appartment, telling him to come and work with them. At first Mohinder declines, but after he learns that Molly Walker is ill with what looks like the Shanti Virus. Mohinder manages to heal her, and stops H.R.G. from taking her life. While Matt Parkman and H.R.G. go to find Sylar, Mohinder escapes Kirby Plaza with Molly. On the way they find D.L. wounded, and Mohinder stiches him up. Mohinder and Molly are last seen in season 1 looking at Matt as he's carried away in an ambulance.

    Volume 2

    Mohinder has now gone back to lecturing people about these people with powers. This is actually revealed to be a plan by him and H.R.G. to take down the Company, as he joins them in the first episode.

    He is actually know one of Molly Walker's carers along with Matt Parkman and they're all living in New York.

    During Volume 2, Mohinder works for the Company and it's about to shoot Noah Bennet
    During Volume 2, Mohinder works for the Company and it's about to shoot Noah Bennet

    Mohinder's first mission is to cure the Haitian of the Shanti Virus, which he does, and secretly sends him to H.R.G. pretending the Haitian wiped his memory. When Molly is put in a coma by Maury Parkman, despite the warning of H.R.G. Mohinder takes her into the Company.

    Mohinder is given a new lab to, Issac Mendez's old loft. The place has been rigged with surveillance cameras, Bob telling Mohinder it's for the best.

    After tasering Niki Sanders after she tried to strangle Bob, Mohinder goes to visit Monica Dawson, who has the ability of "adoptive muscle memory". Bob tells Mohinder to test a new strain of the Shanti Virus on Monica without her knowing, but is unable to go through with it and throws a stool at a cabinet full of viles holding the Shanti Virus.

    When Niki attacked earlier, Mohinder recognized her instantly and tries to free her, but she says she's there volunterily. She's then revealed to be Mohinder's new partner. When Maury Parkman attacks a Company facility, Niki and Mohinder team up with Matt and Nathan to take him down. Mohinder is then punched in the nose by a tormented Niki. At the end of this episode, it is revealed that Mohinder's blood is no longer a cure for the new strain of the Shanti Virus. Mohinder then betrays H.R.G. to Bob because he wants to cure Niki, and Bob reveals that the cure lies within Claire Bennet's blood. Mohinder is then issued a Company gun.

    Mohinder is then given a new partner, Elle Bishop. Mohinder tries to trick H.R.G. but messes it up. He tries to negotiate with him but is unable too. West is able to knock Elle out and H.R.G. beats up Mohinder, and the two take Elle. During the trade, Claire for Elle, Mohinder is forced to shoot H.R.G. in the eye, but Mohinder revives him with Claire's blood that Bob took.

    Mohinder calls Niki saying he has the cure and he's heading to New Orleans. But after he puts the phone down he gets a call from Sylar, who says he's waiting with a friend for him, and that they have Molly.

    Mohinder rushes back to New York, and barges in on Sylar and Maya who's making breakfast. Mohinder quickly convinces Maya that Sylar is a killer, but Sylar pulls a gun on them, and makes Mohinder take him, Maya and Molly to his lab.

    Luckily for Mohinder, as Bob told him earlier, there are security cameras in his lab. Luckily Elle is watching and rushes to their aid. Before Elle arrives, Mohinder diagnoses Sylar with the Shanti Virus, telling him that's why his powers aren't working. Sylar then shoots Maya, who attempted to confront him about killing her twin brother. Sylar makes Mohinder use the cure on her first, so he can see that it works. After he does, Sylar takes the case and Elle suddenly attacks, making Sylar flee. Elle believes that her father (Bob) will kill her for letting him escape, but Mohinder tells her that she saved them as Sylar was probably going to kill them, to which she replies "Cool".

    Volume 3

    in season 3 of heroes Mohinder discovers a formula thanks to Maya Herrera and her powers, that can give anyone powers from a single syringe. He of course tests it on his self and passes out

    Mohinder's abilities are manifesting
    Mohinder's abilities are manifesting

    when he wakes up he's being mugged and so he uses his new agilty and super strength to fend them. The next day Maya comes to visit him but she sees him suspended upside down on pillar in his lab. He further demonstrates his powers by climbing up a wall. After making several sexual comments to Maya they begin intercourse. During night he examines his body to find scales growing out of his back. The next day he finds the rash has gotten and he's getting angrier lashing out at his neighbors and even Maya. Later on that day his neighbor came down stairs to start fight but is grabbed in to his lab and then placed in caccoon mohinder made. the next day mohinder kidnaps a drug dealer and places him in a caccoon , and then Maya discovers the coccoons and then Mohinder attacks her placing her in a caccoon. The next day Nathan petrelli and Tracy strauss visit Mohinder for help but they are drugged and trapped in his lab. thanks to some quick thinking by Tracy they were realeased from there staps. Mohinder pleading with them asking for one more sample they refuse so he grabs Maya's caccoon and leaps throught his cieling on his way to Pinhearst. While there he asks Arthur petrelli to remove Maya's powers because he couldn't, but only if he works for Arthur. While there he is forced to experiment on a great amount of people all who were unsuccessful at adapting to his formula telling Athur he needs a catalyst to fix his formula he needs Claire.

    Ultimately Arthur Petrelli is killed by the hands of Sylar who returned by that time to know the truth and the lab is crashed by Peter,Flint and Knox.Peter sides with the villains and Suresh asks him what that makes him(Peter).When Flint fires up the lab Peter injects himself with the formula in order to gain abilities and help his brother out.The lab and Pinehearst burns to the ground and Suresh' infection is healed althou his powers of superstreght and agilty aren't gone. While he is walking in the highway he is picked up in a car by Tracy Strauss.

    Volume 4

    Two months later, Mohinder has returned to his job as a taxi driver. He runs into Peter Petrelli whom he has a friendly conversation with and even gives a free ride to and then picks up Danko , who tries to catch him. Mohinder runs and is saved

    During Volume 4, Mohinder is among the fugitives
    During Volume 4, Mohinder is among the fugitives

    by Noah , who tries to find out what Mohinder knows. Noah betrays Mohinder and places him on Flight 195 with the other fugitives. Mohinder is freed by Peter who replicates Mohinder's enhanced strength to break free after Claire removes the drugs from him. When the plane goes down, Mohinder uses his strength to save Peter. He then teams up with Matt and Hiro , and the three of them return to the crash site to try and save Daphne . After her "death", Mohinder joins Matt and Peter as they attempt to find out about Building 26 . They interrogate Noah and learn that Mohinder knew what was going to happen. To try and make up for his past sins, Mohinder fights off government agents while Matt learns the truth about Daphne. Mohinder's sacrifice leads him to be captured.

    When Nathan is exposed, Mohinder is placed with the other fugitives in Building 26. He is soon rescued by Tracy and accompanies Matt to the hospital with Daphne. When Daphne dies, Mohinder returns to New York to get his research and learns that his father was involved in a similar operation in 1961. Mohinder travels to the Coyote Sands and finds some of his father's old files. He joins the Petrelli family in their search for Angela but refuses to form a new Company with them, as he believes he still needs to seek redemption. He is once again captured by the government but is rescued by Hiro and Ando who free everyone from Building 26 and defeat Danko's team. He sees that Hiro's ability is hurting him and informs him that if he stops time again, he may die. After Hiro defeats Danko, saving Noah and passes out, Mohinder takes care of him with Ando while Noah goes to stop Sylar. Mohinder then accompanies Hiro and Ando to "Sylar's" funeral and leaves to seek his redemption.

    Volume 5

    In the second episode of Season 4 "Jump,Push,Fall', when talking to Noah ,Peter Petrelli mentions that sometime after

    Turns out that Mohinder's been dead for over eight weeks
    Turns out that Mohinder's been dead for over eight weeks

    'Sylar's' funeral he replicated Mohinder's ability wich makes his job as a paramedic a lot more easier.

    The second time Mohinder's name is mention during Season 4 it's in the seventh episode 'Strange Attractor', when Matt Parkman tries to phone him in order to get rid of Sylar's ghost,but Mohinder doesn't answers.

    It is revealed in episode eight 'Once Upon a Time in Texas' that carnival leader,Samuel Sullivan have killed Mohinder Suresh eight weeks ago,not much after the funeral and now Samuel needs time traveler Hiro Nakamura to fix his mistake and bring back Suresh.

    Mohinder actually is saved by Hiro after the assault Samuel made on him.Mohinder began to pack up his things to take down the Sullivan Brothers by himself, but Hiro claimed that it's a dangerous path and can't risk

    Mohinder is 'gone' for two moths...
    Mohinder is 'gone' for two moths...

    his life and needs to disappear for eight weeks.When Mohinder refused to listen to him, Hiro teleported him to a facility where he would be safe for the upcoming two month.

    Hiro's brain tumor eventualy evolved to an extremly new level and Hiro began thinking that he's in Star Wars and other fictiv comic world.Thanks to Ando, they figured out Hiro's 'Arkham Asylum' riddle and than headed to Florida to release Suresh from the madhouse.

    Thanks to Ando's red lightning power, he,Suresh and Hiro easly escaped the facility and went into hiding in the forest.Ando used his power to 'fix' Hiro and they teleported just before the guards could have found them.

    Unfourtunetaly Mohinder,Hiro and Ando teleported mistakely into Noah Bennet's apartament.


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