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    Mogul hails from a vague ancient mystical land, somewhat analogous to the mystical parallel to the Midgards middle east, but also Asgardian in nature. The lord and ruler of Zanadu in the Forbidden Lands, Zanadu a mystic mountain that can be transported and mobilized by Mogul. Mogul had accumulated and inherited power, technology and servants from ancient Baghdad.

    Mogul was hereditary enemy of the Hogun the Grim and Hogun's former people. Eventually Mogul would completely wipe out Hogun's homeland, enslaving, killing, the majority, as well as stealing all their treasures and battle standard. What few survived would attempt revenge but slowly wither without ever seeing justice served. He is also said to have killed all of Hogun's family. Upon Mogul's return Thor and the rest of the Warriors Three, Fandral, and Volstagg accompanied Hogun in his quest of revenge against Mongul after coming across one of the last of Hogun's people Saguta. Mogul had a number of powerful agents such as his sister Shezada, Jinni Devil, Mutaurus, Ogur the One Eyed at his disposal and he also controlled the Forty Demon Riders. Alibar a thief and Hogun would team up to defeat Mogul the first time around, imprisoning him.


    Mogul is a Marvel comics character and was created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby in 1967 and first appeared in Thor #137 in the story the Thunder God and the Troll.

    Character Evolution

    Mogul was introduced alongside a plethora of characters that were loosely inspired by Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves as well as thematically Arabian Nights . Mogul would act primarily as an antagonist, but not just to Thor, but the Warriors Three particularly Hogun as much. Moguk would come with a distinctively arabian feel even citing his mystical abilities source as ancient Baghdad. Mogul's introduction would also serve as a way to shed light on the most mysterious of the Warriors Three backstory Hogun. Hogun was neither of Aesir or Vanir and Mogul's history helped establish Hogun's otherwise ambiguous homeland. Mogul would appear in two stories, one in the late 60's but a second story as remembered by Thor in the modern era, a flash back story expanding on Mogul and assorted characters related to Mogul.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Tragedy of Hogun

    Saguta a warrior of Hogun's former homeland would be found strung up and bound by Hogun the grim, Volstagg, Fandral and Thor. Hogun demands to know who had done this to his friend, with Saguta struggling to utter the perpetrator as the despot Mogul. Saguta would relay the story of the destruction of his homeland to Hogun causing the grim one to lash out uncharacteristically with emotion. Saguta would pass on his wounds too severe at the hands of Mogul. Mogul is quick to show up, and taunt Hogan for the slaughter of his people, but as quick to arrive Mogul is as quick to make his leave. All four heroic warriors venturing into a journey across lands to reach Mogul, they face trial and tribulations, Mogul would send the Jinni Devil, Mutaurus, Ogur the One Eyed and the Forty Demon Warriors to oppose the Asgardians.

    Monsters of Mogul

    Shezada frees Mogul and the two head to Asgard for revenge.

    Powers and Abilities

    Mogul possessed vast but ambiguous mystic powers, as well as super human levels of strength, speed, stamina, durability and above average fighting ability. Mogul also possessed the ability to teleport, manipulate matter to an unknown degree. A sorcerer, he could also create warriors. Mogul would utilize a powerful enchanted mystical sword the likes which could allow him to contend with Thor temporarily. Astonishingly, Mogul's sword could also transform into a snake. Mogul could also simulate flight on his enchanted mystical flying carpet. Mogul would also utilize a potion that carried with it the Spotted Plague and a weapon known as the Rod of Wondrous Wizard Power.

    Physical Characteristics

    • Height: 6' 9"
    • Weight: 660 lbs
    • Eyes: Hazel
    • Hair: Black

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