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Mogol was a powerful robot servant built by subterranean ruler Tyrannus, who concealed Mogol's origins with a false story of having saved Mogol from death.  Programmed to think he had emotions, the giant Mogol felt loneliness in the world of tiny subterraneans.  With the Mole Man preparing for war against him, Tyrannus teleported Mogol to Manhattan to seek the Hulk's aid.  Hearing Tyrannus's name, however the Hulk attacked.  Discovering his opponent to be at least his equal in power, Mogol determined to make the Hulk his friend.  When Mogol became immobilized in the fight, the Hulk also chose friendship and took Mogol's hand allowing Tyrannus to teleport them to his realm.  There Mogol and Hulk built weapons and fortifications, then led Tyrannus' army against the Mole Man's city.  In battle, a heat ray struck Mogol, exposing tangled metal, revealing him as a robot.  Although Mogol protested that he did not know, the Hulk felt manipulated, believing robots incapable of friendship.  In retaliation, he ripped Mogol in half, tore his body into fragments, and crushed the still-speaking metal central processing unit to powder with Mogol professing his friendship to the end.  Only later did the Hulk wonder if Mogol was truly his friend after all.

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