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    French comic book writer and artist. Best known for his work on Blueberry and Incal, and being one of the founders of Metal Hurlant and Humanoids Publishing.

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    Comic Books

    In 1962, Moebius teamed up with writer, Jean-Michel Charlier and started up a comic strip called Fort Navajo for Pilote magazine. It was greatly acclaimed and continued uninterrupted for the next 12 years. Lieutenant Blueberry became its most popular character, and his adventures in the spin-off, Blueberry are Moebius' best known work in France. In Europe, comics are considered high art and France has even issued postage stamps in his honor.

    Moebius did strips from 1963 to 1964 in a magazine called Hara-Kiri and then disappeared for many years. Then in 1975, he co-created a magazine entitled Metal Hurlant In 1981, he started his immensely popular Incal series with Alejandro Jodorowsky. Arzach and the serial, Airtight Garage, also had their origins in Metal Hurlant.

    In 1988 Moebius drew a two-part The Silver Surfer limited series with writer, Stan Lee.

    In 2003 Moebius collaborated with the mangaka, Jiro Taniguchi, on Icaro.

    Séries principales (Moebius)deàRôle
    (AS) Comics1989
    (Catalogues) Expositions1987
    (Catalogues) Ventes aux enchères - Millon2007
    Aliens (Wetta)2018
    Au secours !1994
    Aventures du latex (Les)1991
    Ballades (Moebius)1995
    Bandard fou (Le)1974
    Bd fait sa cuisine (La)1999
    Beautiful life2004
    Canal Choc1990
    Carnets (Les) (Moebius)20112018
    Carnets volés du Major (Les)1983
    Caste des Méta-Barons (La)2001
    Cauchemar blanc19772006
    Chaos (Moebius)1991
    Chroniques métalliques1992
    Citadelle aveugle (La)1989
    Comics 1301971
    Corto Maltese (Divers)1985
    Cœur couronné (Le)19921998
    Dessine-moi l'UNESCO...1996
    Double évasion1981
    Désert est plus beau que tout... (Le)1987
    Déviation (La)1980
    Edge II2007
    Enquêtes de Lord Darcy1983
    Escale sur Pharagonescia1989
    Evénement du Je dis (L')1991
    Folies furieuses1992
    Griffes d'ange1994
    Halo graphic novel2007
    Histoire d'une idée2007
    Homme est-il bon ? (L')1977
    Incal (Après l')2000
    Incal (L') - Une aventure de John Difool19812014
    Inside Moebius20042010
    Jimi Hendrix - Emotions électriques2003
    John Watercolor et sa redingote qui tue!!1976
    Lazlo Parker : Œuvres Monumentales Miniatures2020
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    Little Nemo in Slumberland2005
    Long Tomorrow (The)1989
    Made in L.A.1988
    Major Fatal - Le garage hermétique19792012
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    Monde du Garage Hermétique (Le)19901992
    Mœbius œuvres20102019
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    Blueberry (Young)1990
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    Concrete (1987)1990
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    Eyes of the Cat (The)2013
    Frank Frazetta Fantasy Illustrated (1998)1998
    Halo (2006)2006
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    Homem é bom? (O)1984
    Incal (O) - Uma aventura de John Difool19831990
    Incal (The)1988
    Is Man Good?1978
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    Olhos do gato (Os)2021
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    Silver Surfer: Parable (1988)1988
    Superman (One shots - Graphic novels)1993
    Superman Vol.1 (DC comics - 1939)1984
    Surfista Prateado19892013
    Universum der Wunder19901991
    Séries principales (Jean Giraud)deàRôle
    (Catalogues) Ventes aux enchères - Coutau-Bégarie2014
    (Recueil) Bédémix1989
    (Recueil) Pilote (Super Pocket)19681970
    Blueberry (France Loisirs)20032004
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    Jason Muller1975
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    Kirk (Sargento)1982
    Triunfo dos Porcos (O)1986
    XIII (Público/ASA - Album duplo)2015

    Movies/TV Shows

    Moebius’ vision of The Surfer was ridiculed in the film Crimson Tide by the character of Lt. Commander Ron Hunter, played by Denzel Washington, in a scene written by a then unknown, Quentin Tarantino. In contrast, Moebius achieved a monumental screen triumph with his design work on the 1997 film, The Fifth Element.


    • Winner 1975 Yellow Kid Best Foreign Artist
    • Winner 1979 Adamson Award for Blueberry
    • Winner 1980 Yellow Kid Best Foreign Author
    • Winner 1981 Grand Prix de la ville d'Angoulême
    • Winner 1985 Grand Prix for the Graphic Arts
    • Winner 1988 Harvey Award Best Foreign Material for Moebius
    • Winner 1989 Eisner Award Best Finite/Limited Series for The Silver Surfer
    • Winner 1989 Harvey Award Best Foreign Material for The Incal
    • Winner 1991 Eisner Award Best Single Issue for Concrete Celebrates Earth Day
    • Winner 1991 Harvey Award Best American Edition of Foreign Material for Blueberry
    • Winner 1997 Harvey Award The Jack Kirby Hall of Fame
    • Winner 1997 World Fantasy Award for Best Artist
    • Winner 1998 Eisner Award's Hall of Fame
    • Winner 2000 Max & Moritz Prize Special Prize for Outstanding Life’s Work
    • Winner 2001 Haxtur Award Best Long Comic Strip for The Crowned Heart

    Personal Life

    Jean Henri Gaston Giraud
    Jean Henri Gaston Giraud

    Jean Henri Giraud, better known as Moebius, was born in 1938 in the suburbs of Paris. He’s been using the Moebius pseudonym since 1963, when he wanted to draw a distinction between his work in fantasy and science fiction and other works. Giraud started art school at the age of 16, and by 18, he was drawing a comic strip called "Frank et Jeremie" for Far West magazine.

    1938: Birth of Jean Giraud - who is still neither Gir nor Moebius - on May 8 in Nogent-sur-Marne. From an early age, Jean Giraud was trained at the very effective ABC school, whose slogan ("if you know how to write, you know how to draw") seduces Madame Giraud mother. 1954: Jean Giraud enters Applied Arts. 1955: Jean Giraud illustrates several issues of the magazine Fiction. His first comic strips appeared in Far-West, Sitting Bull, Fripounet et Marisette, Ames vaillantes, Coeur vaillant and the Journal de l'armee, which he supplied with little Miquets during his military service in Algeria. 1961: Under the guidance of Jijé, he draws part of La Route de Coronado, an episode of Jerry Spring. 1963: Jijé returns the favor two years later by participating in the first volume of a new series, Fort Navajo, for which he notably signs the cover. This western, better known thereafter under the name of its hero, Blueberry, is published in Pilote. Jean-Michel Charlier, the screenwriter of Fort Navajo, is the editor. At the same time, Jean Giraud is transformed for the first time into Moebius, for the time of a few short stories in Hara Kiri. 1973: Appearance of the third and last nickname of Jean Giraud, who signs Gir a few episodes of Fort Navajo as well as La Déviation, a story whose theme, more adult, and graphic treatment, more refined, belong more to the world of Moebius than to that of Jean Giraud. Jean Giraud, however, put Moebius to sleep - briefly interrupted in 1969 by a series of science fiction illustrations for Opta. He did not wake up from it until 1974. 1975: After drawing, under one name or another, Le Bandard fou, Cauchemar blanc and L'Homme est-il bon? Moebius embarks with Philippe Druillet, Jean-Pierre Dionnet and Bernard Farkas in the Métal Hurlant adventure, to whom he entrusts the first boards of Arzach, then of the Hermetic Garage, two earthquakes which shake the world of comics . The same year, Moebius met Alexandro Jodorowsky. Tipped to adapt Frank Herbert's masterpiece, Dune, to the cinema, Jodorowsky called on him to draw the story board for his film.

    The project aborted but the Jodorowsky / Moebius couple reunited in 1978, for Les Yeux du chat. 1980: Moebius and Jodorowsky together imagine L'Incal noir, the first volume of the Adventures of John Difool. At the same time, Moebius designed the sets for Alien, by Ridley Scott, then the storyboards for Les Maîtres du Temps, by René Laloux, and Tron, for Walt Disney. 1984: Moebius will logically settle in the United States. He offers himself some recreations, drawing in particular an episode of the Silver Surfer, the superhero of screenwriter Stan Lee. At the same time, he continues to collaborate with a few renowned filmmakers, including James Cameron, to whom he lends his assistance for Abyss, or Ron Howard for whom he imagines some characters from Willow. 1992: With Jodorowsky, he creates the trilogy The crowned heart. This one will be later (in 2004), reissued in the form of integral, under the title The madwoman of the sacred heart. 1994: The same Jodorowsky "illustrates" with a long esoteric poem a series of erotic drawings by Moebius. All gathered in the album Griffes d'Ange. 1997: L'Homme du Ciguri is the sequel to Garage Hermétique. Equally azimuthetic. 2000: Publication of the first volume of the new series After the Incal, success of L'Incal oblige... 2004: Publication of Beautiful life published by Zampano written by Stéphane Cattanéo, the story of an individual who runs happily, his loss. A return ticket for a journey at the end of the day. 2004/05: Moebius-Miyazaki exhibition at the Monnaie de Paris. For the first time, two major artists are unveiling their personal drawing collection. 2005: Publication of Icare drawn by Taniguchi and published by Kana. Tokyo is the target of kamikaze terrorist attacks caused by test-tube men. In this context, an extraordinary child capable of flying is born. The scientific world is immediately on the lookout and the infant, baptized Icarus, is isolated under cover of the defense secret. 2006: After Arzach and Major Fatal, the Associated Humanoids continue the reissue of the historical masterpieces of Moebius with in February is man good? Cauchemar Blanc in April, Le garage hermetique in July, Major's holidays in October and the complete edition of L'incal scheduled for the end of the year.

    Text © Humanoids Associates


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