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    Modt is the second guardian of the M'kraan Crystal. The M'kraan Crystal is a powerful object. It is a nexus point for all realities. The Crystal has elements of sentience, possessing and exercising some will though various means. Guardians to protect itself being one such function. It has defenses including Jaht, an extremely powerful and deceptively small guardian. If one manages to defeat Jaht, then they must face Modt, who has 1000 times more power. Succeeding in defeating Modt, would mean having to face a creature 1000 times more powerful than Modt. This cycle is believed to be repeated for some unknown time before finally allowing access to the Crystal.      


    Modt was created by Chris Claremont and John Byrne in 1977 and first appeared in X-Men # 108.

    Powers and Abilities

    Modt is totally indestructible and is 1,000 times stronger than the first guardian of the M'kraan crystal, Jahf who is a class 100 strength. Modt's powers are somewhat vague and ill defined, but he is presumably extremely powerful based on how powerful Jahf is and how much more powerful Modt is supposed to be.  


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