Modred the Mystic

    Character » Modred the Mystic appears in 109 issues.

    A magician with tutorship from Chthon, Modred the Mystic possesses immense mystical abilities, especially when in contact with the Darkhold.

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    Modred the Mystic is a magic user directly connected to Chthon the Elder God. Modred was born in the 6th century and lived during the rein of King Arthur. He was an apprentice sorcerer to Gervasse when he learned Merlin was seeking him as his own apprentice. This Merlin, however, was actually the Maha Yogi, whom Modred feared as a wicked sorcerer. He decided to seek the power of the Darkhold in order to end to the reign of Merlin. He succeeded in locating the grimoire, but the moment he touched it, Modred was trapped. The Other, an avatar of Chthon, appeared and agreed to grant him power in exchange for a sacrifice. Modred was able to hold his own in a battle of wills; that, is until Lady Janice, his love interest, followed him into the room and risked falling victim to the Other. Modred gallantly offered himself as a sacrifice in order to spare his lover. The Other placed him into suspended animation, a living death, until the time to summon him again.


    Modred the Mystic was created by Bill Mantlo and first appeared in Marvel Chillers #1.

    Mayor Story Arcs


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    Modred awoke in the 20th century and has since had numerous adventures both in the service of Chthon and fighting against him. Modred has gained immense mystical powers through the training given by Chthon in his 14 centuries of "living death"; affording him control the alchemical elements of Earth, Fire, Water, and Air, and he is a telepath, teleporter and illusion caster. He can levitate' fire bolts of mystical energy and can access any of the spells within in the Darkhold. On one rare occasion, he invoked mystic entities other than Chthon. However, his connection to the Elder God is both his greatest strength and most egregious weakness. While retaining his free will, Modred has served as both a hero and a villain to the wider Marvel Universe. But from time to time, Chthon places Modred under his direct control and uses him as a weapon against his own opponents.

    Darkhold Redeemers

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    Modred would later return as a not-so-trusted member of the Darkhold Redeemers. During this time, he would be defeated by Doctor Strange and banished to Hawaiian grounds until he dealt with defeat. However, he escaped Hawaii while still live with the spell by carrying a small bag of Hawaiian sand on his person. He would later come into conflict with Switchblade (Blade possessed by a demon) and the two fought in an intense battle all but destroying a city block. Modred was killed by Switchblade, but not before transferring the Hawaiian curse to Switchblade, weakening him. He would return to life with the Help of Louise Hastings, after she exorcised the demon form Blade. Afterwards, Modred would rejoin the Darkhold Redeemers and mentor Dr. Hasting's magically gifted grandson Jinx during the Siege of Darkness. Modred, Jinx, Blade, and Frank Drake were at one point captured but later freed. Modred then assisted the Redeemers to find a member of the Blood named Truth Sayer. However, Modred killed the Blood member and made it look like a member of the Fallen had done the deed. It was then that he learned the Redeemer member Victoria Montesi was pregnant with Chthon.

    After the Siege of Darkness he gained a new apprentice named Wildpride, and mentally controlled Morbius and Werewolf by Night. He was eventually defeated by Vengeance, and both teamed up to battle Salome. Modred subsequently was prevented from siding with Salome and would later try to aid in the birth of Chthon, but was stopped by Doctor Strange and banished to Thailand. Moded has gained victories over such heroes as the Scarlet Witch, Captain Britain and Phoenix/Rachel Summers but has been defeated by Merlin, Quasar/Wendell Elvis Vaughn and Dr. Strange, among others.

    Mighty Avengers

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    Using the Darkhold, Modred recently attempted to resurrect Chthon, through the host body of Quicksilver. Chthon resurfaced anew, yet the Mighty Avengers intervened in Modred's catalystic motivations. Jonas, a.k.a the Vision, was able to rid Quicksilver's body of presence of Chthon, by trapping Chton within the Darkhold. In the end, Modred was utterly defeated.


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