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    Modo is the muscle of the Biker Mice from Mars, and at 6'9" the largest Martian Mouse known. He is also the gentleman, very polite and very protective, especially toward women and very especially toward children. He's fairly easy-going, but does have a tendency to show hatred toward rats (epecially Martian Rats) and Plutarkians.

    Modo has gray fur and red eyes. Like all Martian Mice, he has a pair of red antennae on his head. His right ear is notched, and his left ear has two gold loop earrings. He wears a black patch over his left eye. He wears a blue, purple, and red breast plate over his chest. His left wrist has a studded, black leather wristband, and his left hand wears an olive-green, fingerless glove. Like Throttle, Modo wears blue biker pants, wide belt with circuler buckle (belt is red and buckle is silver), metal knee protectors, and black biker boots.

    Bionic Arm: Modo's right arm is artifical, made of of boxy, metal segments. It's far stronger than his other arm (he once used it to hold a tank up in the air, although this seemed to put a strain on his strength). It also has a built-in laser cannon that pops up from a hidden compartment in the forarm. This was given to Modo by Dr. Karbunkle for injuries sustained in the Martian-Plutarkian War.

    Bike Helmet: The bike helmet has computerized readouts, from tempeture readings, to infrared images, and everything in between. Like all Martian bike helmets, Modo's has a built-in radio, with which he can communicate with the other Biker Mice.

    Martian Motorcyle: Martian bikes have an AI --Artifical Intelligence-- that gives them the personality of faithful steeds. Each bike has an onboard computer, compareble to an Earth laptop but far more advanced. Modo's bike is a classic Harley-Davidson Fatboy, purple and blue. Of all the bikes, only Modo's has an "offical" name: Lil' Hoss.

    Martian Blaster: This is a standard, Martian handgun, which fires normal blaster beams.

    It should be noted that Modo's Telepathy power comes from his antennae --sometimes called, "Touch-Telepathy"-- and has only thus far been used to show his own memories to individuals. Only Throttle has been shown to use the Touch-Telepathy, but it is assumed that all Martian Mice have it.


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