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    Arch-nemesis of erstwhile superhero The Plutonian

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    Little is known about Modeus' origin. He has been an intellect, even as a child. He was involved in the creation of the radiation that trapped Plutonian's parents while still in his youth. At some point in his adulthood he became involved in super villainy, eventually becoming The Plutonian's arch-nemesis. He suddenly and mysteriously dropped off the map several years prior to the events of Irredeemable. During this time he had himself transformed into pure information, and concealed himself in Samsara's gem.


    Modeus was created by Mark Waid and Peter Krause.

    Major Story Arcs


    By the time the Plutonian becomes a super villain, Modeus has been mysteriously absent for several years. He becomes the target of a search by members of the Paradigm, who intend to get his help in defeating Plutonian. While the heroes fail to locate Modeus, they do rescue Encanta, who reveals that Modeus has become pure information and is in a place he considers safe. Unbeknownst to them, Modeus inhabits the body of the recently lobotomized and subsequently buried alive Samsara. He "resurrects" Samsara and masquerades as him for some time, working with the Plutonian in order to further his own goals. Later, he and the Plutonian use the gem in Samsara's body to travel to Sky City, which had been destroyed during Plutonian's rampage, and Modeus offers to help him undo what he has done. Plutonian reveals that he has been aware of Modeus' presence in the body the whole time, as well as revealing that Modeus nourishes an obsessive love for Plutonian. Plutonian destroys Samsara's face and abandons Modeus. He languishes there, wounded, until he is recovered by Encanta and a robot built to resemble himself; he abandons Samsara's ruined body and is transferred to the robot body. When Plutonian is taken off-planet, Modeus begins to formulate a plot to bring him back to Earth, kidnapping Kaidan as a way to force Qubit to help him. He travels with Qubit to Genhom, where Plutonian is held, but succeeds only in the destruction of his robot body and the stranding of himself and Qubit on Genhom while Plutonian escapes on his own. His consciousness escapes, however, and takes up residence in the body of Cutter, which he soon discards and murders after taking possession of the body of Bette Noir.

    Powers and Abilities

    Modeus possesses a genius-level intellect, as well as a gift for technology. He has been transformed via magic into pure information, and is capable, in this form, of taking possession of the bodies of others.


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