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    Mocha is a child who was kidnapped to Punk Hazard and fed a drug to cause her to grow.

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    Mocha is a human girl from the New World portion of the Grand Line. She was abducted from her family by the forces of Caesar Clown to use her, along with many other children, as a test subject in his experiments on Punk Hazard Island in artificially creating giants by feeding them various drugs.One of which is an addictive drug called "candy" to keep them captive. She and the rest of the kids were told that they were being kept from their homes becasue they were sick and needed treatment.


    Mocha (モチャ, Mocha) is a supporting character in the One Piece series that was created by Eiichiro Oda. The series first began serialization in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump on August 4, 1997. She would later appear in the Punk Hazard Island Arc that began in Volume 66.

    Her first appearance was in One Piece Volume 67 CH. 657 "Severed Head",

    Character Evolution

    Mocha was born as an average sized child, but was altered to the size of a giant by Caesar Clown. She may have been scared during her incarceration in the labs, but she showed enough inner strength to ask for help from the Straw Hat Pirates who had stumbled across them. Even while the children were suffering terribly from withdrawal, Mocha resisted taking the drug she was addicted to because she believed in the pirates that they could get them back home.

    Major Story Arcs

    Punk Hazard Island

    Mocha was in Biscuit's Room when a gang of pirates burst in while trying to escape Caesar's forces. She begged Nami to save them. They had realized that they weren't actually sick and wanted someone to take them home. Her cries about wanting to see her parents again moved Nami to convince her cremates to help save all the children. They were eventually able to escape to the snowy cave on the island so Tony Tony Chopper could examine them. However, Mocha and the rest started to go into withdrawal from the daily candy Caesar had been giving them. Caesar eventually found them, defeated the Straw Hats that were trying to protect them, and convinced them to return with him to get their candy.

    Mocha was the only child who tried to resist and not take the drug again becasue she wanted to go home. Tony Tony Chopper returned to the labs to get what he needed to help the children, and Mocha got the candy to help him keep it from the others. When the others broke past Chopper, Mocha ran but she was headed off by Caesar's assistant, Monet.

    Powers & Abilities

    Super Strength

    Due to the drugs that Caesar Clown fed Mocha and the other children, She has grown to the size of a giant. This was part of an experiment to artificially create giants, who were known for their incredible strength.

    Other Media



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