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    MOBAT - Multi-Ordnance Battle Tank (comics) - Motorized Battle Tank (toy)

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    The MOBAT is the G.I. Joe team's main battle tank. Long in service with the team, the MOBAT has needed very little in the way of upgrading over the years. The mere sight of these monsters coming over a battlefield is enough to make any enemy think twice about engaging them. Relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain, the MOBAT is the tank of choice for the G.I. Joe armor units who have come to rely not only on its speed and power, but its sheer ability to destroy any opposing vehicles in a single shot.

    The MOBAT weighs in at 65 tons and has a top road speed of 60 MPH and a cross-country speed of 45 MPH and a fully loaded range of 300 miles. It is armed with 1 x 130mm anti-armor cannon with 80 rounds. Its secondary armament is a .50 caliber machine gun with 1,500 rounds of ammunition which pivots independently from the main turret, allowing the MOBAT to attack 2 targets at the same time.

    NOTE: In the comics MOBAT stands for Multi-Ordnance Battle Tank instead of the toys Motorized Battle Tank. The toy was named Motorized Battle Tank because it was actually a battery powered motorized tank and they wanted to advertise it as such.


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