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    A hunger spirit from Africa, which Gary Lester captures in a magic flask.

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    Mnemoth is demon created out of human desire for consumption and surfaced on Earth in the starving parts of Africa in the 1980s. A local Shaman ushers the spirit into the body of a young Sudanese boy and carved binding marking on his face to keep it sealed.


    Mnemoth was created by writer Jamie Delano and artist John Ridgway first appearing in Hellblazer #1 (January 1988).

    Major Story Arcs

    In the initial two-part arc in Hellblazer, Mnemoth was still trapped inside the young boy until heroin addict and former friend of John Constantine, Gary Lester, came across him on a trip to Sudan. Noticing the boy was possessed he managed to free the demon into a bottle. Hoping for it to reach John, he sent the bottle to Constantine's old girlfriend Emma who had actually been dead for a while. The bottle was then sent back to the post office in New York and was released on worker Henry Wambach. The spirit possessed him and several others in Manhattan causing them to consume excessively until they died.

    Gary was able to find Constantine in New York where John sought the help of Papa Midnite. Using Gary as bait, they strapped him to a chair and unable to resist his heroin addiction, Mnemoth entered Gary. The sealing carvings were made on his face before dying and he was eventually buried in Midnite's basement sealing Mnemoth away.

    Other Media


    Mnemoth appeared on NBC's Constantine. It appears in the 4th episode named after the second Hellblazer issue "A Feast of Friends". In an almost direct adaptation of the story, Mnemoth is captured in a bottle by Gary Lester, but the demon is unleashed at the airport security and eventually on the streets of Atlanta possessing numerous people. Like in the original comics, John eventually seals the demon away using the same markings the original host had on Gary Lester, causing him to die.


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