M'Kraan Crystal

    Object » M'Kraan Crystal appears in 56 issues.

    The M'Kraan Crystal is the nexus of all realities. It is a doorway to a universe of Neutron stars. The M'kraan Crystal allows one to travel to other realities of the Multiverse.

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    The crystal is in the hands of the Shi'ar.


    • Rachel Summers planned to destroy the universe by destroying the crystal, as a tactic to make the Beyonder lose interest in our reality (apparently a new reality would be created after the old universe was destroyed).
    • D'ken lost his mind after entering the crystal.
    • Xavier's powers were restored.

    Other Information

    The White Hot Room is said to be located inside the crystal. A shard of the crystal is said to be in the Tallus.

    In other Media

    The crystal was part of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1. It was needed against Doom.


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