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MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor was the brainchild of Dr. Halsey, a civilian working for the Offcie of Naval Intelligence. Dr, Halsey wanted to create a suit of powered armor that could handle the physical prowess and quick thinking of her SPARTAN-II commandos. Project-MJOLNIR was named after the Norse god Thor's hammer. In order to be effective and still compact the armor was bulit in overlapping layers with each newer version becoming more advanced without adding bulky equipment.

Armor Components

Helmet- The helmet contains various devices that help the SPARTANS become the legendary soliders they are. Made from titanium the helemts HUB links the the brain and hands giving information on equipment when picked up by the wearer. Neural chips located in the helmet directly interface with the neural implants in the SPARTAN soliders. Processor chips are directly plugged into the brain and use the brain the basis for the armors computer system. The helmet also filters air toxins, contains air for water immersion and space combat, comunications, solar powered lighting, and imaging gear for recording.

Titanium Alloy Shell- The actual shell of the armor. The titanium plates are the most noticalbe piece of the suit. The alloy is nearly invulnerbale and can take a great deal of punishment. While small arms fire is useless enough armor piercing rounds will breach the armor. The armor looks shiny and while this was made fun of by the ODST members this serves a purpose. The refractive coating is installed to help disperse the heat from typical Covenant energy weapons.

Nanocomposite Bodysuit- The Black body suit visible inbetween the armor plating, the nanocompsite suit is made from a durable titanium weave. The bodysuit still serves as extra, but flexible protection from conventinal weaponry.

Hydrostatic Gel- Underneath the armored bodysuit is a gel. This gel layer controls the temperature of the suit and can change its density to conform to the wearer's shape.The hydrostatic gel layer will also pressurize to potentially save the wearers life should the wearer fall incredible distance or experice massive G-forces. Over pressurizing this layer can cause nitrogen embolisms and potentially kill the SPARTAN anyway.

Reactive Metal Liquid Crystal Layer- Sandwiched between the external armor and the internal padding, the liquid crystal layer of the suit is split into two sections that forms the inner structure of the suit. The first layer contains the Reactive Metal Liquid Crystal this reactive metal increases the strength, reaction time, mobility, speed, and all around physical performance of the SPARTAN-II. The section layer supports suit's artificial intelligence, knitted together at a molecular level and fitted in between the outer plates and the inner padding. This type of computer memory is usually outfitted on a warship and as such this layer accounts for over eighty percent of the MJOLNIR armor's cost of construction and materials

Magnetic Strips- Stripes of small but powertful magnets allow the SPARTAN to attach pieces of equipment for weapons withou using additonal straps or holsters. They are located on the thighs, bac, and wrists of the armor. The underside of the boots also have these magnets to help SPARTANs during space combat.

Shields- Introduced in the Mark V armor, energy were reverse engineered from Covenant armors. The shiled swill automatically protect the SPARTAN from impacts and rounds. Once draine dthe SPARTAN must take care and wait for the shileds to recharge which is fairly quickly .

Pressure Seal- Sealing the armor means SPARTANs can still operate underwater or in the vacuum of space.

Automatic Biofoam Injector- Introduced in the Mark V Armor biofoam is a substance desinged to fill and seal wounds during battle and letting troopers return to the action quickly, The SPARTAN armor Mark V contains built in injectors that allow for SPARTANS to either immedialty return to or never leave a fight. Biofoam ins incredibly painful though and still needs medical attention afterward.

Force Multiplying Circuts- These circuts are the true reason why it takes an enhanced SPARTAN to wiled the armor. These circuts multiply the force of any action. This makes hand to hand combat easier though the suit is hard to get used to. A normal human in the suit would probably break their bones trying to move and then die from the spasams in the suit.

Reactive Circuts- These circuts are what gives SPARTANs their speed. These increase the reaction time to superhuman levels.

AI Slot- The slot that allows a SPARTAN to carry an AI program for added effectivness in hacking, tactics, and information gathering.

Active Camo- Reverse engineered from Covenant forces, active camo bends light around the user rendering them near invisible. Fro the UNSC version this camo is less effective the faster the user is moving.

Armor Variants

Mark I Prototype - First prototype that need to be connected to a fusion generator to function. Even with this downfall the suit gave increased strength and speed to the wearer and could be used by normal personal. Regulated to heavy lifting and training purposes after next prototype

Mark II Prototype - Slimer the the Mark I, these still need the fusion generatro to function. First model to have the refractive coating for explosive and energy attacks.

Mark III Prototype - First prootype that did not need a powercord. Power was transmitted directly from a reactor though this too was ineffective has the armor still had a limited range and an additonal weakness with the generator.

Mark IV Powered Armor - First armor to be issued to SPARTAN soliders. The Mark IV was an overall masterpiece. since it was slim and had an internal fusion generator.

Mark V Powered Armor - Next major upgrade. Mark V armor introduced the Shields reverse engineered from Covenant forces and the AI slot

Mark VI Powered Armor - Final suit issue to SPARTANs, the major upgrades with this model were the Biofoam injectors for medical attention, improved force and reactive circuts, as well as a faster energy shield

Mark VII Concept - Concept in the works at ONI. suit was meant to have atmospheric inseration components, nextgen fusion reactors, a limited bendable energy shield, active AI transfer protocols, and slipsace deinseration equipment.

HAYABUSA Powered Armor - Developed by Project HAYABUSA, this armor had the same benefits as the Mark IV armor. HAYABUSA armors were field tested to be stronger though less dextrous. After initial field testing HAYBUSA components were made compatable with MJOLNIR and aided in the creation of the Mark V Armor.

Black Armor - Prototype armor developed by skunkworks. This armor came right before the Mark VI Armor and contained upgrades not seen in any of the armors. The HUD had added resolution for greater field recon and instead of being transparent used imaging technology for a direct video feed. The forearm compartment housed a device know as "Interrorgator". This device was used to translated Covenant languages to basic and basic back to Covenant to make the interrorgation possible. Since these were prototypes the Black armor had issues with tracking exact alltitude and the Biofoam injector were not properly set meaning they could resent bones the wrong way.


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