Character » Mize appears in 4 issues.

    Mize is a member of the B-Sides with the abilty to accelerate the decay and brekdown of nearby items.

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    Four Raven's Perch teenaged metahuman spent many a schoolnight and weekend applying their unique skills to curing the suburban blues. Feeva moved on to the bigtime, leaving Jughandle, Fateball and Mize consigned to the everyday. All of that changed when Charley Huckle proposed a offer they couldn't refuse... to manage and promote the trio as a super-team... The B-Sides!

    Many teens develop the feeling that their world is falling apart around them. Not many teens have the tangible evidence of such that Stuart Welles does.

    The product of a dysfunctional family, Stuart was the principal persuasion to humor Charley Huckle's plan for a super-team. He was tired of watching his world fall apart without his say-so. A super-team would at least provide his some application for his abilities as well as a stable sense of purpose.

    As Mize of the B-sides, Stuart has the ability to affect a breakdown in structured systems. He has exhibited the range of ability do everything from spraining a hamstring to unseaming the concrete beneath the feet of hostile skrulls.

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