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Powers and Abilities

Miu Furinji is the granddaughter of the "Invincible Superman" Hayato Furinji, the daughter of both the One Shadow of Yami (Saiga Furinji) and the heir to the Kuremisago clan (Shizuha Furniji) meaning she has a great background in martial arts. After her mothers death and her father leaving for Yami, Miu traveled the world with her grandfather who taught her martial arts as a coping mechanism to teach her to be strong. Miu is an expert level martial artist and one of the two disciples of Ryozanpaku. Miu's unnamed fighting style involves a lot of acrobatics, kicks, and quick punches. After being brainwashed by Silcardo Miu was taught the basics and a few special attacks of Pencak Silat to the point that she could defeat several skilled practitioners. Since Pencak Silat also has weapon forms Miu now knows the basics of fighting with them as well. Miu was arguably the most powerful high school age person in the series until the disciples in YOMI were introduced. Miu's speed and agility are often described as her greatest strength being able to run very fast and jump very high. Miu's speed is so great she is able to dodge master class fighters and after her brainwashing by Silcardo Jenazad Miu can easily outclass Rimi's super speed while even holding back. Miu often takes shortcuts by jumping through trees and over rooftops and is the star of the gymnastics club at her high school. Miu is a Dou-type fighter who lets instinct take over when she is really into a fight, when pushed to the brink emotionally Miu can lose herself to a berserker rage, like when Kenichi was thought to have been killed by Akira Hongo. Miu has shown a high level of intelligence being very perceptive in battle and keeping perfect academic scores even though she trains and takes care of the chores around Ryozanpaku. Miu has knowledge of espionage activities due to her time traveling with her grandfather being able to pick all sorts of locks, disarm bombs and be able to infiltrate multiple types of installations and strongholds.

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  • Furinji Awase Tsubute - A multiple hitting technique where Miu hits the opponent on their side with both hands.
  • Furinji Benikawasemi - Miu must be mid-air and she then delivers a powerful cross kick to her opponents head. This is how she often deals with street thugs.
  • Furniji Dankuu Yokudan Geri - Miu from the ground jumps towards her opponent and kicks them square in the face.
  • Furinji Kazakiri Bane - Miu performs a kick while on the ground to the front of her opponent.
  • Furniji Kouho Yoku - Miu must first jump above her opponent and Miu performs the attack with one leg held straight up above her head and the remaining leg pivots straight downward. While maintaining this stance she rotates her body at super speed imitating a drill to inflict damage. Her grandfather states this is her most powerful attack.
  • Furinji Mist Falcon - Miu jumps at her opponent and grabs their neck with her legs and then twists to send them flying. This can be used to knock an enemy unconscious or to snap their neck.
  • Furinji Sakasa Hitoudory - The name for the technique where Miu can run up or down the side of a wall using her great speed.
  • Juls Combo - A multiple hitting combo where Miu aims for various vital points such as the neck, groin, and eyes. This is a Pencak Silat move taught to her by Silcardo Jenazad.
  • Nanba Hashiri - Another movement technique where Miu runs in a certain motion with her hands and legs so the user reduces air resistance in order to go faster.
  • Rittoku No Kan - Miu can take her five normal senses to their utmost limit and develop the 6th sense which is often dubbed intuition or perception. This allows Miu to reduce the time it takes to react to a given situation by one tenth her normal reaction time.
  • Topan Kait - Miu balances herself upside down and starts to deliver kicks towards her opponent from behind. This is a Pencak Silat move taught to her by Silcardo Jenazad.

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