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Mitchell Chambers presents another chapter in the saga of the Roxxon Energy Corporation, covered in numerous Marvel titles.   
Mitchell happened to be a younger brother of Phillip and Brandon Chambers. Phillip was a scientist specializing in genetics. He was a former employee of Canada's Department K and responsible for painful experiments on its operatives. Particularly on Sabretooth who held a grudge. Brandon was an executive of Roxxon and had access to the corporation's files on genetic research and mutations. The two brothers partnered up in a pet project of their own, a process of "controlled DNA splicing" which would allow them to "combine genetic chemical instructions from any number of separate species-- human or otherwise-- into one creature with selected traits". While the brothers were using Roxxon funds, they planned to sell the perfected process to the highest bidder.  
At this point, Mitchell was suffering from a lethal form of cancer and contacted his older brothers for help. Brandon entrusted him to the care of Phillip. But was soon told that Mitchell had died. Actually, Phillip had used their baby brother as his main test subject. At first Phillip simply used the process to transfer genetic traits from a number of lab rats to Mitchell. The rats had developed an immunity to this strain of cancer and the immunity was transferred to mitchell. Phillip had just found a cure for cancer.  
But that wasn't enough for him. He subjected Mitchell to further experiments. Adding to him genes from bears and coyotes to provide his brother with "raw speed and power". Since Mitchell was mutating to animal form, Phillip added genes from wolves for "aesthetic value". Which left Mitchell looking like your average werewolf. At this point, Phillip discovered an unfortunate side-effect. He had not figured what this process would do to his brother's mind. Mitchell's human nature was overwhelmed by all these animal genes. Resulting in a completely feral mind.  
Phillip was not particularly disturbed. He simply looked for a way to control his brother. He found it in implanting remote-controled devices in Mitchell's "pain and pleasure centers". He could then use pain to cause Mitchell to attack and pleasure to calm him down. But something was still missing. A number of "organ donations" were needed to continue the project. So Mitchell was send out to get the organs. Very soon all animals held at Empire State University were killed. To be followed by a number of homeless people on the streets of New York. 
Unfortunately for all the Mitchell brothers, Sabretooth recognized Phillip's handywork and set out to find him. Wanting revenge for his former treatment by Department K. Meanwhile, Spider-Man was investicating the animal killings and Punisher what he thought were serial-killer attacks. Their search ending in the labs of the Mitchell brothers. During the fight Brandon finally learned that their test subject was their baby brother .. and was horrified. 
The battle ended with Phillip dead (at the hands of Sabretooth), Mitchell captured and Brandon about to face a trial for his crimes. But Brandon had time to arrange something for his baby brother. When last seen, a sedated Mitchell was placed in an unnamed cancer research facility. Mitchell was able to live in peace while physicians used him to work on a safer cure for cancer. 

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