Mitchell Black

    Character » Mitchell Black appears in 12 issues.

    The third Peacemaker, armed with less-than-lethal weapons.

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    For the first Peacemaker click Christopher Smith.

    For the second Peacemaker click Peacemaker II.

    Mitchell Black was once a doctor practicing in an important hospital. His medical carrer ended when he performed a risky operation on a child’s pulmonary system despite the religious objections of the parents. Unfortunately the child did not survive due to post operative complications. The hospital suspended Black’s privileges and ordered a full investigation of the incident. In the end, the AMA board of inquiry revoked Black’s license to practice due to his misconduct.

    Black would next be recruited by the secret organization known as the Peacemaker Project (formelly the Pax Institute) to be one of their Peacemaker agents. In return for his services the anonymous governors of the Project would reinstate his medical license and allow him to leave the organization. Under the tutelage of Salt, a former resident of Nanda Parbat and now a top administrator of the Peacemaker Project, Black is trained for combat. For short period later Black worked as part of the L.A.W. (Living Assault Weapons), in order to stop Judomaster’s sidekick, Tiger, now Avatar and his attacks on the war makers of the world. When Black and the others put a stop to the Avatar’s plans, the governors of the Peacemaker Project refused to reinstate his license. They concluded, much to Black's dissatisfaction, that his work was not yet over as more hostile forces were still out there that threatened global security.

    Mitchell Black later died when he was shot through the chest by Prometheus in Infinite Crisis.


    • Height: 6'1"
    • Weight: 183lbs
    • Eyes: Brown
    • Hair: Brown

    Weapons and abilities

    At difference of the previous Peacemakers, Black was less prone to violence and was armed with high technology weapons with less lethal weapons: rubber bullets, taser, sticky foam guns and so. For him violence was the last resource.


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