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    Character » Mitch Wacky appears in 9 issues.

    Inventive supergenius who created the most advanced theme park of his world, Wacky World of Angor.

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    Mitch Wacky aka Uncle Mitch is a character created by Keith Giffen, Gerard Jones & Bart Sears for the Justice League Europe title. Originally he was an inventor from the extradimensional world of Angor. Curiously, meanwhile most of the inhabitants of Angor are parodies of Marvel Comics characters, Mitch himself is a parody of Walt Disney, founder of Walt Disney Company than years later would buy Marvel Entertaiment.


    The Extremist Vector

    Uncle Mitch was a native from the planet Angor, a planet unbelievable similar to earth, where he was a supegenius capable of create advanced android. He focused alll his energy to use these advancements in the most advanced theme park of his world. However depiste the amazing advances in robotics, Angor science was less developted in medicine and Mitch saw how his life will end soon because of a common flu. To prevent his death, Mitch put himself in animated hibernation, with the hope than future science of his world would found a cure for his disease. However in the time Mithc was in animated suspension, the world ended in a nuclear conflagration caused by the Extremists.

    Only the destruction of Wacky World in a fight between Mitch creations and the Justice League Europe, would cause than Mitch would awake from his sleep, only to discover himself having surviving all the life of the planet. Also, he discovered than his advanced androids were threating to repeat such destruction in another world so he agree to help the JLE depiste seing himself how his life was almost finished as the common flu continued.

    Fortunately, as the earth medicine knows how to deal with the flu, Mitch survived and helped to stop the Extremists robots, who saw him as a religious way. Only Dreamslayer was not a robot and his attack almost killed Mitch. Mitch survived and after the attack he choose to stay on earth to continue with his life.

    Blood, Sweat and Tabloids

    After the destruction of the JLE Embassy in Paris, the JLE team relocated in London. From this place,and following an impulse, Mitch leaved Europe for Orlando, Florida to see Disney World.

    When you wish...

    After visiting his lost world,thanks to a warper created by the Silver Sorceress, Mitch meet Kilowog and convinced him to built a time machine, with the objetive of alert the Champions of Angors (the Justifiers) and prevent the atomic destruction of his world. However, as the machine used imskian components, Mitch and Kilowog saw their sizes reduced. To solve this problem, Mitche went to his old laboratory where they used an android with the features of Mitch to go to alert the heroes of Angor. However the rampaging heroes believed the robot to be a master plan from one of their enemoies and destroyed it. Mitch and Kilowog scaped in time and decided to go foor the second plan and prevent the existence of the Extremist by stopped the nuclear detonation than gave them their powers. However, ironically, events happened in such circunstances than the actions of Mitch were the cause of the existence of the Extremists. This broke the spirit of Mitch, by considering himself responsable of the destruction of his world by creating the monsters than caused this misfortune.After the JLI found them and traveled back to Earth, micht keep silent. Still after all the adventure, Mitch stood as part of the civil staff of the JLI.


    The final appearance of Mitch Wacky was when he found himself in the Kooey Kooey Kooey Island, working endlessly to repair the stolen Extremist robots and make them work again.Micht found himself working wiothout sleep or eating and sufferuing of hot temperatures. He discovered than he has been under the control of the entity known as Dreamslayer who had forced him to stole pieces of technology to repair the Extremists robtos. Scarted by discovering than Dreamslayer had taken possession of Maxwell Lord, Mitch found himself forced to repair the Extremist robots. The effort was fatal for Mitch. When he finished the lord Havok robot, he fell dead , by exhaustation.


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