Mitch Wacky

    Character » Mitch Wacky appears in 7 issues.

    Creator of Wacky World on the planet Angor.

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    Major story Arc

    Extremist Vector

    Mitch is revealed as the creator of Wacky World the one remaining thing to survive the destruction of Angor by the Extremists. He comes back with the Justice League Europe to help stop his creations.

    When you wish...

    Mitch and Kilowog travel back in time to Angor to prevent the existence of the Extremists, but their efforts only ensure the transformation of Lord Havok and his partners.

    Blood, Sweat and Tabloids

    Mitch leaves Europe for Orlando, Florida to see Disney World.


    Mitch Wacky was abducted to the Kooey Kooey Kooey Island by Dreamslayer and forced to repair the Extremist robots. Mitch worked without rest or sleep but he was the only one who could repair Lord Havok. After that, he died of exhaustion and his head was crush by a possessed Maxwell Lord.


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