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    The Tomboyish Mermaid who is the only female to travel with Red for the longest period of time and happens to be the leader of the Cerulean Gym.

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    On one peaceful afternoon, Misty was fishing for Pokemon until her peace was ruined by Ash Ketchum running away from Spearows that are after Pikachu. To protect Pikachu Ash steals Misty's bike that gets wrecked by Pikachu's Thundershock. Misty was very angry when she finally found Ash with her burned bike and told him she won't leave him alone until he gets her bike repaired. Thus the start of the 'Original Trio'. In early episodes you find out that Misty is the youngest of her four sisters that run the Cerulean Gym while Misty is the main leader of the gym. Misty is very stubborn and angry especially when Ash tends to do or say something wrong. Ash used to tease Misty with her fear of bug type Pokemon by showing her a Caterprie. This would make Misty very scared.

    Eventually you start to see how complex her personality is once she gets a Togepi egg and develops a maternal side. It's be canon to fans that Misty and Ash have feelings for each other however they never do end up together as this is a kid's show. Many hints of their feelings are hinted throughout the series such as early when Brock and Ash were smitten over a school student named Giselle this made Misty very jealous. Out of all the girls Ash has traveled with Misty is the only one who he ever showed romantic feelings towards. Sadly, Misty is the only girl Ash has traveled with that hasn't had a major storyline or goal like how May and Dawn have with competitions. Misty has traveled throughout the Kanto region and stayed throughout the Johto region until after the Johto League Silver Conference when Nurse Joy finally gives Misty back her bike that's all fixed. Shortly after this Misty got a phone call from her sisters who plan to go on vacation and need Misty to run the gym while they are gone. Misty wanted to continue to travel with Ash but felt obligated to return back to Cerulean City so she did what her sisters asked to do.

    Though this isn't the end that we see Misty as she appears in 3 episodes in the Hoenn region wearing a new outfit that doesn't have suspenders or show her stomach. In the Sinnoh region she is referenced as Ash has a fishing lure of a chibi version of Misty. Misty was also a main character of the Pokemon spinoff, Pokemon Chronicles, featuring her and Tracy with a bunch of new people. So far in the Unova region Misty hasn't appeared and most likely won't as her part is being taken by Iris.

    Facts about Misty

    She trains at Seafoam Islands

    She worships Lorelei one of the Elite Four

    In the games and manga Misty is the only child

    Misty is the only female Water-Type Gym Leader

    In the anime she is 10 when in the manga she's 12

    Is the first one of Ash's friend to challenge him to a Gym battle

    Only one in the series to have two genderless Pokemon Staryu and Starmie

    She's the only one from the first gen with a second gen Pokemon

    Misty is not named after a flower unlike her other sisters

    Her name means baby breath in Japanese

    Pokemon on Team











    Pokemon previously owned






    Pokemon Blue

    Pokemon Red

    Pokemon Yellow

    Pokemon Leaf Green

    Pokemon Fire Red

    Pokemon Gold

    Pokemon Silver

    Pokemon Crystal

    Pokemon HeartGold

    Pokemon Silver

    Pokemon (anime) seasons 1 - 8

    Pokemon Chronicles

    Mewtwo Strikes Back

    The Power Of One (Pokemon 2000)

    Spell Of The Unknown

    Celebi: Voice Of The Forest

    Heroes: Latios and Latias

    Super Smash Bros. Melee (as a trophy)

    Pokemon Puzzle League

    Pokemon Channel


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