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    Mister X is a mutant telepath capable of reading an opponent's mind in order to anticipate their moves in combat. Having mastered every fighting style known to man, he considers himself "The Best There Is".

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    Seeing a woman die on the street, Mister X formed a telepathic bond with the dying woman and became fascinated with death. He spent many years trying to recreate the thrill of seeing something die starting with killing his family dog, his parents and dedicating his life to the art of killing.


    Mister X was created by Frank Tieri and Sean Chen and first appeared in Wolverine #159.

    Character Evolution

    Beginning as a Wolverine villain, Mister X was later added to the Thunderbolts team during Dark Reign which saw the character take part in bigger stories such as Siege.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Dark Reign

    After a defeat at the hands of Wolverine, Norman Osborn contacted Mister X with the offer to join his black-ops squad of Thunderbolts with the promise that he would be able to kill plenty of people. Thunderbolts Black Widow and Paladin faked Mister X's death with an attack on an Opera House he was present at and then welcomed him into the team.


    Mister X intimidated most of his team-mates and developed an intense rivalry with Headsman whom he constantly mocked, beat up and threatened to kill. When the team were ordered to execute Black Widow and Songbird, Headsman rebelled and instead attacked his bloodthirsty team-mates. Lashing out at his antagonizer, Headsman failed to surprise Mister X and was again beaten down by him. Before Mister X could kill him once and for all, fellow Thunderbolts Ghost and Paladin interrupted and saved Headsman.


    Mister X with Gungnir
    Mister X with Gungnir

    Osborn sent his Thunderbolts to retrieve the mystical Gungnir for him so that he would be able to slay Thor. Tensions were again running high within the team and things only worsened when the Avengers arrived to stop the Thunderbolts from stealing Gungnir. Mister X fought and killed an Asgardian guard by himself to get into the armory and acquire Gungnir but was then faced with Amadeus Cho whose super-intelligence proved a counter to his own psychic prediction abilities.

    As the Thunderbolts began to fall apart with Ant-Man and Paladin turning on the team, Mister X attempted to kill the Avengers and traitors with Gungnir but instead was beaten severely by Quicksilver who was too fast for Mister X to fight back against.

    Powers & Abilities

    Mister X is a low-level psychic. He can easily predict the moves of his opponents which gives him an advantage in hand-to-hand combat. Mister X is a master of every martial art known to man and has even attempted to create his own. He is highly efficient in using swords and many other weapons.


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