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Return of the Native

For more information see: Return of the Native

Mr,Willoughby and his partner Mister Murray hire Sabretooth to track down Native, but when Creed returns with out Native, Willoughby doesn't want to pay the mutant but Murray convinces him otherwise.Then later when Sabretooth is tracking Native and Wolverine bothers him via radio. This only angurs Sabretooth and later when Willoughby fires Creed, this makes Willoughby and Murray targets for Sabretooth.

Later at McChord Air-force Base, Mister Willoughby presents Mr. Murray with surveillance photos of Native and Wolverine. This leads to the organization attacking the mutants.

This mission is successful and they bring Native back to the Workshop and Mr Murray and Willoughby are there to over see her dissection by Vapor.

Later when Sabretooth shows up at the Workshop. Willoughby offers him $5 million to kill Wolverine, instead Sabretooth kills Willoughby and Murray.

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