New Kingpin?

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Anyong else getting the feeling they are trying to set this guy up as Marvel's New King Of Crime? He has the look, the henchmen and the attitude. And he has something that made Kingpin less of a threat, powers. The extent we don't know, but that is just the way I see them going with him. Thoughts?

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I thought they were working the red hood to be the new crime boss/king pin? haven't read new avengers anuel yet, so not sure whats happend to him?

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I don't really see it with Hood like I do with Mr. N. Mr. N has the look, and the attitude that I don't think Hood quiet has.

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   Hood is Marvel's new kingpin, but thats not going to last Bendis said so.  I think they are making Negative a new Kingpin.  He can't replace Fisk, but he will still be good. 
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Daredevil is the new Kingpin. :)


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