Mister Miracle #7

    Mister Miracle » Mister Miracle #7 - Apokolips Trap released by DC Comics on April 1972.

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    "Apokolips Trap!" Mister Miracle and Big Barda return to the hellish world of Apokolips to battle the evil Kanto the Assassin.

    Mister Miracle (Scott Free) heads back to Apokolips with Barda. Scott's reasoning for doing this is to escape Apokolips, once again, but this time, obeying the planet's own laws. After a long goodbye between these two and Oberon, they use Barda's Mega-Rod to teleport there.

    Once they arrive, a border guard tries to get the identification of the two gods, but never does due to Barda's quick temper. Barda and Mister Miracle then take over a magna car. Little do they know, they are being watched. A few earth monitors report back to their master.

    As the couple drive by, their car is blown to pieces. Barda is reaching for her Mega-Rod, but is quickly stunned by a shot from a gun fired by Kanto. He holds the woman hostage while his men strap Mister Miracle in a device of his own. With his fleet of bowmen in tow, Kanto explained to Mister Miracle how he turned a lowly weapon, such as the bow, into a high explosive. As the second bowman shot, Mister Miracle lives up to his trade, and escapes. Within a few minutes, he is caught again, but escapes that as well.

    Impressed with Mister Miracle's "art" and his bravery of putting his life into Kanto's hands, the master assassin let Mister Miracle go with a warning to kill himself and his wife for "death at Kanto's may be cleaner than death fashioned by Granny Goodness!!"

    Scott then makes his presence known to one of Granny's top guards, Hooging, who was the one in charge of him when he was in Granny Goodness's ranks.


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