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"Wild, Wild Wedding Guests." Scott "Mister Miracle" Free weds Big Barda and escapes a number of traps. Includes appearances by Darkseid, the Highfather and other denizens of Apokolips.

Mister Miracle, Big Barda, Oberon, and Shilo Norman are putting the finishing touches on MIster Miracle's next escape act. Reaching a dangerous stage in the preparations, Oberon and Norman are instructed to leave the pit, for their own safety. As each man climbs out of the pit, they are seized by armored warriors. A signal is given, then a volley of explosives is lobbed into the pit. Leaving nothing to chance, Verman Vundabar orders his men into the pit, to produce the, presumably, dead bodies of Mister Miracle and Big Barda. In the ruins of the demolished pit, Vundabar's men can find no signs of either Mister Miracle or Big Barda. Their quarry is actually several yards away, hiding within an escape tunnel, cut with Mister Miracle's boot lasers.

With Vundabar's men widening the search, Mister Miracle and Big Barda share a tender moment, with each professing their love to the other. Mister Miracle proposes to Big Barda, just as a ground probe penetrates the tunnel. Mister Miracle screams into the sensitive microphone of the probe, deafening Vundabar, and his men, listening on the other end. Mister Miracle and Big Barda storm the surface, quickly taking Vundabar, and his forces, down. Suddenly, Mister Miracle feels his weight increasing, exponentially, with each passing second. Granny Goodness has trained an invisible mass gravity beam on him, that crushes Mister Miracle into the ground. Defeated, Mister Miracle is released from the beam by Kanto. Vundabar and Kanto, following Granny Goodness, drag Mister Miracle away.

Mister Miracle is brought before an orbital bomb clock. Big Barda, Oberon and Norman have already been shackled to the device. As Mister Miracle is chained to the bomb clock, Granny Goodness reveals that his defeat really came at the hands of Doctor Bedlam, who disabled Mister Miracle's Mother Box, with the power of his mind. Doctor Bedlam feeds his consciousness into one of his Animate bodies, so that he may join Kanto, Vundabar, and Granny Goodness at the bomb's launch. The bomb clock rockets into orbit, then explodes. Before the villains have time to gloat over their, seeming, victory, they are attacked by Orion. Vundabar's forces are routed in a matter of seconds. Lightray joins Orion on the ground, then reveals that it was his power that caused the explosion in the sky.

Mister Miracle, and his companions were not killed. As if on cue, Metron and Izaya arrive with Mister Miracle, Big Barda, Oberon , and Norman. Following the decree of the Source Wall, Mister Miracle and Big Barda are to be married immediately, with the representatives of both New Genesis and Apokolips in attendance. Oberon and Norman are asked to leave, as the affairs of the Gods are not meant for mortal eyes. Izaya presides over the brief ceremony, marrying Mister Miracle to Big Barda. As a demonstration of his disdain for the proceedings, Darkseid casts powerful tornados down upon the wedding party. The minions of Apokolips scatter before Darkseid's wrath. Using his Mobius Chair, Metron ferries Izaya, Orion, Lightray, Mister Miracle and Big Barda to New Genesis. In the aftermath of the storm, Oberon and Norman are the only two left to bear witness to Darkseid's presence on Earth. Terrified, the two men flee before the Lord of Apokolips, whose mirthless laughter echoes in their ears.


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