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The first appearance of Shilo Norman in "Mister Miracle, Super Escape Artist."

Police Lieutenant Driver ushers young Shilo Norman into the presence of Mister Miracle. The pair have arrived in time to bear witness to Mister Miracle's latest feat of escape artistry. Mister Miracle is chained inside a metal canister, clamped by a giant nutcracker, being held by Big Barda. Bringing the grips together, Big Barda crushes the canister. Oberon inspects the metal debris for some sign of Mister Miracle, only to find the World's Greatest Escape Artist standing, unharmed, behind Norman and Driver. Norman witnessed his brother's murder, and can name the killer. Driver has brought Norman to Mister Miracle for protection. Suddenly, a masked man appears at the window, and hurls a grenade into the room. Driver pulls his revolver and gets a shot off, as Norman lunges for the grenade. Norman throws the grenade back out the window, but there is no explosion. In just those few seconds, Mister Miracle had already fused and neutralized the grenade, with the technology hidden within his costume. Driver leaves Norman in Mister Miracle's care. Big Barda and Ted Brown catch up with the assassin, who is electrocuted by a homing device, implanted in his neck. Meanwhile, in the hidden lair of Mr. Fez, the finishing assembly work on an enormous gun is being completed, by his minions.

Norman turns in for the night. Certain the boy is going to bolt, Mister Miracle and Big Barda listen outside the bedroom door. They hear Norman get out of bed, followed by the sound of rustling linen, as Norman ties the bed sheets together. Mister Miracle gives Norman a few more moments to make good his getaway, before pursuing, along with Big Barda. Mister Miracle tracks Norman from the air. Norman immediately heads for an old, abandoned warehouse, then creeps inside. Suddenly, Norman is illuminated by a spotlight, as a gang of men rush in and surround him. Though an expert in martial arts, Norman is quickly overwhelmed by their greater number. Only the intervention of Big Barda, who fells all of Norman's assailants with one blow, saves the boy. The respite is only momentary, however, as Mister Miracle and Big Barda are then blasted into unconsciousness by Jammer, Mr. Fez's weapons designer.

Norman's brother, a truck driver, had been employed by Mr. Fez, to transport the components for the weapon Jammer was building, for Mr. Fez. Norman's brother made the mistake of checking the shipment he was delivering, and knew artillery when he saw it. For this knowledge, Mr. Fez murdered him. The weapon, now aimed at the biggest hotel in the city, jams the brainwaves of it's targets. With the hotel's guests incapacitated by the weapon, Mr. Fez's minions intend to loot the hotel. Norman is pistol-whipped unconscious, then strapped to the barrel of the jamming cannon. At the moment Mr. Fez gives the order to fire, Big Barda destroys the cannon. Mr. Fez turns to find Jammer, slumped over unconscious, at the firing control station. Mister Miracle has disabled both the inventor and in his invention. Unimpressed at Mister Miracle's clearly superior abilities, Mr. Fez pulls a gun on the World's Greatest Escape Artist. Mister Miracle dissolves the gun, with a laser blast from his right glove. Driver arrives, with the police, to take Mr. Fez into custody. Impressed with Norman's quick reflexes, Mister Miracle offers to take the boy on as his apprentice.







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