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While touring the galaxy in his super escape artist show, Mr. Miracle runs afoul of Lobo!

So Mister Miracle has signed his contract. He'll throw on the costume, do a few shows, hawk some cleaner, make some dough, and pay back his neighbors for all the destruction from issue #12.

What could possibly go wrong?

Turns out, Scott signed a contract to perform on other planets at the whim of intergalactic-trader Manga Khan! The cruise is pleasant enough, but the Doom-esque antics of Manga start to chafe. During their voyage, Khan uses his electro-nets to gather energy for his ship. In one such casting, the golden-plated traveler accidentally nabs a pair of dolphins. A pair of space dolphins to be precise. A pair of very familiar space dolphins.

On Earth, Barda deals with the arrival of several pallets of Miracle-Misters, as well as the continued snoopings of young Wally and Andy. Unbeknownst to her, Manga has created a doppleganger of Miracle in order to keep the JLI from being concerned about Scott's disappearance. This duplicate, strangely enough, is aware that he is married to Barda but has no knowledge of Miracle's secret identity of Scott Free.

Lobo arrives on Manga's ship. The great golden Khan pleads with Scott to placate the galactic bounty hunter, which the escape artist is able to do with reasonable skill. Unfortunately for all involved, Manga's robots bartered the space dolphins away without their master's knowledge.

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