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Funky Flashman and the Head scheme against Mr. Miracle.

The mystery object of issue 11 is finally revealed.It is none other than "The Head"! While Comicdom has no shortage of brain-in-jar or box type characters, none is quite as forgettable as The Head.

Flashman continues to harass Scott into signing restrictive contracts, but both are interrupted by the return of issue 11's mercenaries.In another part of Bailey, Barda joins a protest against the Serenity Fields R&D company.The crowd is interrupted by a conspicuously devil-haired representative, whom Barda is more than willing to break in half.Kathy Ferbel interrupts her, but Barda is still looking to act rather than just protest.

Battle continues to ensue and Free's Fixit shop.The mercs want the Head, the Head wants out, and Miracle just wants to be left in piece.The conflict escalates until the entire block of shops is trashed by Scott's menagerie of unusual repair jobs.With irate neighbors looking for reparations and little money to placate them, the escape artist signs Flashman's contract.

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