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Jenson is a career criminal who was recently locked up for killing three people with his bare hands. He was later freed from jail by Kent Palmer to act as the Green Hornet and put fear into the people of Century City.


Jenson was created by Ande Parks for his Outcast story arc in Green Hornet

Major Story Arcs


Jenson is in jail when he is approached by Kent Palmer with a proposition. Kent will get Jenson out if he will work for the crooked business man. His first job is dress up as the Green Hornet and kill Mayor Gedder and the deputy Mayor Edwards, at a party in front of witnesses. This makes Kent the acting Mayor, but Kent still needs Jenson to cause more mayhem as the Green Hornet so that when the Real Green Hornet is brought down Kent can be a hero for bringing him to justice.

While killing people at a roof top wedding Jenson finally meets the real Green Hornet. The two fight and Jenson is able to hit the real Hornet several times with a board with a nail in it. Then when the police show up they had been given orders by Kent to shoot and kill both Hornets. Jenson is able to escape by jumping off the roof but the real Green Hornet fallows. But this time Jenson is able to throw the real Hornet out a window.

When two cops show up to where Jenson is he kills them both and uses the radio to contact Kent. He makes a deal with Kent, Jenson will bring down the Real Hornet and Kato if Kent promises him $300,000 and a plane out of town. He then takes off the costume and tracks down green Hornet and Kato to an abandon warehouse. The three fight and it looks like its over for the Green Hornet but Moonbeam show up and shoot Jenson in the back with rubber bullets.

Jenson is able to take Moonbeam's gun and use it to escape to the roof, where Green Hornet catches up to him. The two fight on the roof but this time the real green Hornet wins and knocks Jenson unconscious. Before anyone can do anything about it a helicopter flies in and takes Jenson's body away.

It is still unclear who are where they took his body to.


Master of Unarmed Combat

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