Mister Gor

    Character » Mister Gor appears in 29 issues.

    Former evil henchman turned mad scientist and profiler. He is skilled in close combat, chemistry, espionage and cadaver procurement.

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    When Mr Gor was a baby his mother was going to bash his head in with some well stone because of his hidious deformed hump. But he was saved by a mad scientist that had a fetish for deformities. That man raised him as his assistant til the day Amanda Von Doom showed up and Mr. Gor fell in love and helped her betray the scientist. Mister Gor the former evil henchman then turned mad scientist profiler, who worked for the super secret government task force called the Mad Squad. Mister Gor is skilled in close combat, chemistry, espionage and should the need arise cadaver procurement.


    Mister Gor was created by Jason Aaron for his run on The Incredible Hulk

    Major Story Arcs

    Hulk: Asunder

    While aboard the Mad Squad's aircraft carrier, Hulk is introduced by Amanda Von Doom to her team. He meets Mister Gor and B.R.A.I.N. for the first time. Just as the Hulk is ready to leave the ship is attacked by Hulkafied sharks and most of the crew, including Mister Gor, are knocked over board. Mister Gor is able to take out at least one hammer head before swimming to shore with Amanda and BRAIN. After the Hulk leaves, Mad Squad gets a new ship and Mister Gor sends out probes to find Banner, but they all come back without finding Banner's base. That is until probe #974-B finds Banner and his island of Hulkified animals.

    Hulk Vs Banner

    Now that the Hulk is part of the Mad Squad, Mr. Gor fallows Amanda and the rest of the Mad Squad onto Banner's secret island base. While there Hulk leaves Mr. Gor and the team to deal with Banner's hulked out beasts. But when Banner shows up, while the Hulk is being distracted by a hulked out chimp, Banner is able to over ride BRAIN's programing and have attack Amanda. Mr. Gor tries to attack Banner, but Banner gets in his head and reduces Mr. Gor it tears. After Banner leaves the area, Amanda is able to kill BRAIN and bring Mr. Gor to his senses. The pair then take the opportunity to sneak into Banner's base. Once inside Amanda programs the Gamma Bomb, Banner had built, while Mr Gor fights off a group of hulked out tribesmen.

    Then when the bomb is set Amanda and Mr. Gor escape from the island and watch the exploitation from the ship. Afterwards, Mr. Gor and Amanda go back to the island where they attacked by the hulked out beasts that survived. Lucky for them the Hulk shows up and calms down the group. Amanda and Mr. Gor are free to return to the ship where Mr. Gor hits on Amanda but she turns him down for some loving from some of the hulked out beasts.


    After the events of Hulk Vs Banner, Mr. Gor has rebuilt BRAIN.

    Powers And Abilties

    Mister Gor in Action
    Mister Gor in Action

    As is evident from the the issue where he is introduced, he is a pretty proficient swimmer and can accurately shoot large sea creatures under water.


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