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    The Mist can apply his invisio - solution to living and non - living things, making them invisible.

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    Early Years

    Many years ago, the scientist now known only as the Mist creted an "Invisio - Solution" that could turn people and objects invisible. He tried to sell it to the US government during World War 1 only to be met with rejection and scornful disbelief. The Mist vowed revenge and after World War Two began in Europe, he sent invisible agents to steal all of America's military secrets.

    First Appearance
    First Appearance

    He also tried to use invisible planes to bomb factories geared for defence. However, the Mist's schemes were thwarted by the man who would become his main adversary, Starman ( Ted Knight).

    Later, the Mist used a variation of his Invisio Solution to hypnotise innocent people into commiting crimes for him. Starman foiled the Mist once more. The Mist would try a similar scheme many years later, but this time the Black Canary teamed up with Starman to defeat him.

    Over the years, the Mist's repeated use of the invisio solution has had a cumulative effect, enabling him to take on a truly mist - like form. He became a member of the Secret Society of Super Villains under the leadership of the Ultra Humanite.

    In 1951 The Mist (aided by russian agents) released a hallucinogenic gas on Opal City.

    Sandman Mystery Theatre

    In Opal City, the Jewish mob's control over the United Dock Workers union is slowly starting to slip away ever since the supreme court outlawed sit-down strikes and scabs have been working non-union at the docks. The mob decides to hire a former Canadian soldier turned scientist to sink a German freighter with his machine which can produce a ray that can vaporize anything in its path.

    Later Days

    The Mist had two children, Nash and Kyle.

    Not aging very gracefully
    Not aging very gracefully

    In the early 90's after Ted Knight had retired (following the events of Zero Hour), the Mist planned his final revenge on Starman and sent his son, also named Kyle, to kill Knight's son David, as well as nearly killing his second son, Jack and demolishing his home and kidnapping the elder Knight. In exchange for his father, Jack battled the younger Kyle, resulting in the junior Kyle's death, which drove The Mist mad. He was like this for some time until making a deal with the demon Neron, restoring his sanity. This allowed him to advise his daughter on joining Simon Culp's scheme to destroy Opal, and shortly after wards kill Culphimself when he threatened her, on the grounds he "hated dwarfs". Ultimately, he revealed he was tired and had decided to end his life, planting a nuclear bomb in Opal City set to detonate at the moment of his death and then taking poison. However he failed to destroy the city as a terminally ill Ted Knight used an advanced version of his gravity rod to lift the entire building miles into the air; the two enemies made peace just before the Mist's heart stopped, killing them both.

    Mist in Action: Inheritance of the JSA All-Stars

    Icicle reluctantly assists Hourman & Liberty Belle in finding the Tachophixyl, the caduceus staff of Hermes. According to their benefactor Dr. Boris Hayes, the staff's powers can give its user the ability to travel as fast lightning and become as intangible as the wind. Tigress accompanies Icicle as well as JSA duo on their journey. Dr. Hayes gave the team a diary that belonged to an archeologist named Sedgewick who documented the life of Santa Isabel, a saint that left clues on how to find the staff.

    According to the diary, the team must go to the Notre Dame cathedral to locate the whereabouts of the staff. The team discovers markings on one corner of the church that portrays the life of Turga the Vile, an 11th century warlord who used the staff to conquer Europe. After Turga's senseless assaults on the European churches, a collective of priests banded together in the belief that Turga's staff was carved from the forbidden tree that Adam & Eve had eaten from in the Garden of Eden. They viewed Turga as the devil himself so they stole the staff right from under him and rallied a massive mob to slay Turga.

    The priests agreed that Turga's followers would want the staff for themselves so they hid the staff and designed elaborate clues for anyone who wanted to learn of the staff's location in order to protect it from evil. Liberty Belle also finds inscriptions that talks about the priest who hid the staff after Turga's defeat. St. Urfeldt hid the staff by choosing a life of seclusion as a hermit in the Alps. Liberty Belle delves even further into the inscriptions and figures out the exact location of St. Urfledt's cave where he resided as a hermit. The cave is on the southern face of the Alps located in Davos.

    Unfortunately, Peter Hayes, Dr. Hayes son has been following the team for quite sometime and now he knows the possible location of the staff. Tigress, Icicle and Hourman chase after Peter while Liberty Belle continues to decipher any other clues. The trio follows Peter to an underground metro station. Tigress takes the initiative by lunging at Peter but her rash action almost gets her run over by a passing train. Peter on the other hand, transforms into a blue form of Mist and escapes. When the trio returns to meet up with Liberty Belle, both Liberty Belle and Icicle fall into a trap. The trap was designed by the priests in order to protect the secrets of the staff should the wrong person ever discover its location.

    The trap involves falling into a pit while a stone slap descends from above. Icicle slows down the slab's descent by creating pillars of ice but the ice is slowly cracking from the pressure. Tigress pleads with Hourman to use his Miraclo-induced strength but Hourman will only agree to help if Tigress hands over the diary that she stole from Liberty Belle when the trap was sprung. Hourman knew that both Tigress and Icicle would eventually stoop to treachery if it was in their best interest. Tigress didn't want to believe Hourman's bluff that he would sacrifice Liberty Belle but her love for Icicle forces her to agree to Hourman's terms and Hourman destroys the stone slab.

    Liberty Belle tells Tigress and Icicle to head toward the location in the Alps as stated in the inscriptions while her and Hourman meet up with Boris Hayes for a debriefing. Tigress is puzzled by Liberty Belle's unquestionable faith that both her and Icicle will honor their arrangement but at the same time, she agrees to Liberty Belle's request without giving it a second thought. Hourman can't understand why Liberty Belle would trust either Tigress or Icicle in retrieving the staff but Liberty Belle of course, knew better. When the trio went after Peter Hayes, Liberty Belle discovered that the staff is located in a place called the Bone Church in Prague but in order to get to it, a key is needed to open the secret passage way and the key is in St. Urfeldt's cave deep within the Alps.

    Other Media

    The Flash

    On The CW's The Flash, Kyle Nimbus is a metahuman who had been granted the ability to become a poisonous gas. He gained his powers at the same time Barry Allen did.

    My Adventures of Superman

    Kyle appears in the Adult Swim cartoon My Adventures of Superman. Instead of being a science experiment, he is given tech to approximate his comic powers as a member of INTERANG.


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