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    Mist Mistress was a member of the second incarnation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. She was depowered by M-Day.

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    Brief History

     Mist Mistress as a member of the Resistants.
    Mist Mistress as a member of the Resistants.

    Mist Mistress was a mutant that worked as a bookkeeper before joining the Resistants. She helped free Marvin Flumm aka Mentallo from a prison transport headed to the Vault with her teammates that included Meteorite, Crucible and Quill. Mist Mistress created an acid-gas to burn through the truck's armored roof and melt the armor of a Guardsman. Mentallo was set free. After returning to the Resistants' headquarters in Death Valley, California where Mentallo accepted the invitation to join the team as "Think-Tank," the Resistants later attacked a courthouse in Carson City, Nevada, where they had received word Quicksilver, who was then regarded as an enemy of humankind, was being detained. However, this was a ruse to capture the Resistants created by the U.S. government's own mutant agents, Freedom Force, and John Walker as Captain America soon entered the fray. Mist Mistress believed she had taken down Captain America with some lethal gas but Walker was playing possum and easily took out Mist Mistress with a shield throw. She seemed extremely proud of this accomplishment, perhaps because of her relative inexperience compared to the other Resistants, most of whom were originally members of the Mutant Force. Mist Mistress and the other Resistants were defeated and apprehended.

    Mist Mistress and the Resistants reappeared sometime later during a pro-mutant demonstration in front of the capitol where Magneto showed up. The Resistants asked Magneto to join them but the master of magnetism started attacking his fellow mutants. Captain America came to the rescue and defeated Magneto which turned out to be a robot created by Machinesmith.

    Mist Mistress has not been seen since, but was among those who lost her mutant abilities after the events of House of M.


    Mist Mistress was created by Mark Gruenwald and Kieron Dwyer in 1988 and first appeared in Captain America # 346.

    Powers & Abilities

    Mist Mistress formerly had the power to emit gases of any variety, including corrosive acidic gas, and tranquilizing 'knock-out' gas.


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