Miss Tanaka

    Character » Miss Tanaka appears in 6 issues.

    Miss Tanaka is a librarian in Japan.

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    Miss Tanaka is a character from Earth-4011

    Miss Tanaka is the librarian of a small book stand in Torikana, Japan, a position held by her family for generations. Logan met her great-grandfather Yoshihiro Tanaka years earlier. Miss Tanaka is used to outsider reports coming to her stand looking for information on the Kanaguri Cult, but she always sends them on there way with nothing.


    Miss Tanaka was created by Paul Jenkins for his 6 part mini series Wolverine: The End

    Major Story Arcs

    Wolverine The End

    For more information see: Wolverine: The End

    When Logan goes to Japan for answers on who has been leading around the world he stops in Torikana, and talks with Miss Tanaka. She doesn't give him any information about the Kanaguri, but when he mentions her long dead Great-Grandfather Yoshihiro Tanaka her mood and attitude changes.


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