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    Claudine was created by the geneticist Mister Sinister to act as a fail-safe in the event of his death. When that ultimately occurred, Claudine was activated. Becoming Miss Sinister, she joined the Hellfire Club and briefly romanced Daken. Last seen unconscious in the presence of Mr. Sinister himself.

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    A clone of the geneticist Mister Sinister, Claudine Renko was created by Mister Sinister to wait as a fail-safe in the event of his death. When that ultimately occurred, Claudine was activated.


    Miss Sinister was created by Mike Carey and Scot Eaton and first appeared in X-Men: Legacy #214 in September 2008.

    Major Story Arcs

    Sins of the Father

    Miss Sinister
    Miss Sinister

    Sinister had been anticipating his physical death for some time. In particular he prepared for some form of treachery by Mystique and Gambit. Sinister takes control of Professor X's body to save him from a gunshot wound caused by mercenaries working for Amanda Mueller. Using the Cronus Machine, Sinister manages to use a DNA imprint on Charles Xavier's body to control his mind, forcing his rebirth. It's also revealed that Sinister had been manipulating for some time events in the Xavier family as well as the Summers and Shaw families.

    Following his death, Mr. Sinister had not actually died. He had in fact prepared for his death and a way to avoid dying all together by imprinting his DNA onto that of several other people, including Professor Xavier and Sebastian Shaw. Amanda Mueller realized Sinister's long, well-thought out plan, and attempted to stop Sinister by making her his next reincarnation, but she would retain her mind and still gain Sinister's powers and abilities. In order to prove successful in her operation, she needed to kill his current host and shield the other possible hosts. She attempted to kill Xavier’s body, but Sinister resisted. The combined efforts of Sebastian Shaw and Gambit destroy the Cronus Machine, enabling Xavier to successfully drive Sinister's consciousness from his mind and body. A psychic battle ensued, and Sinister was vanquished from Xavier.

    Two days later, Shaw meets with a woman whom he wants to be his new Black Queen - Miss Sinister!

    Original Sin

    Daken - Sebastian Shaw - Miss Sinister
    Daken - Sebastian Shaw - Miss Sinister

    After his eventual defeat, a young woman is shown meeting with Shaw, discussing these events. Shaw mentions that she is a much more elegant and economical way to cheat the grave and she then reveals her name, "Miss Sinister". She goes by the name Claudine Renko as Sebastian Shaw calls her, and appears to have the powers of Sinister, but not the memories or mind. Mutant businessman Sebastian Shaw then recruited her to unlock the memories of Wolverine’s son Daken. However, they faced opposition from Wolverine and Charles Xavier.

    In Panama, Claudine Renko takes out Daken with a mental blast before the combined efforts of Wolverine and Charles Xavier attempt to infiltrate their compound. When they do, Xavier is able to take out the guards using the power of the mind. Just then, the duo run into Sebastian Shaw. While Shaw and Wolverine tangle, Xavier rushes to find Daken. On his way there, he runs into Claudine and they have a battle of the wills.

    Xavier sees the image of Claudine and recognizes her as Shaw’s new telepath and asks if he knows her. Claudine tells him yes and no. She guesses he could say he knew her “daddy” real well back when she was him. As Xavier pretends to lose the psychic battle, he says to Claudine that she is Sinister. Claudine tells him “kind of, minus the Y chromosome of course. But who needs that old thing? It might have been different if you’d seen me coming, right? You’re probably better at this that me. At least until I get more practice. But I got the drop on you. Truth is, I’m pure poison.”

    In the process, Xavier learns a little more about her than he knew before. Eventually, Xavier is able to best Claudine and heads over to where Daken is lying. Outside, Wolverine is being handled pretty well by Shaw, until the X-Man is able to cut the lights out during their battle and is able to gain the upper hand. Inside the complex, Xavier enters Daken’s mind and sees a ton of psychic scar tissue, more than what was in Wolverine’s mind. Before he can pry any further, Daken wakes up and knocks Xavier violently into some medical equipment. Just then, Claudine enters the room and tries to manipulate Daken by implanting false memories of a shared life with her; however he proceeds to stab her in the abdomen.


    Her survival is confirmed when she is seen on the streets of San Francisco, watching X-23 leaving the X-Men. In the final panel of X-23 #3, Miss Sinister is seen observing Laura Linney, X-23, walking down the street as she leaves Utopia to find herself due to troubles with her fellow mutants.

    Traveling alone, X-23 soon meets a girl, who has obviously been abused, by the name of Alice. She passes the girl outside of a diner in a remote part of the Western U.S. desert, presumably Arizona, and then is soon approached by the girl who orders only water. X-23 requests two plates and then engages the girl, who is evasive about the black eye she has and the man sitting right outside that watches them the entire time they eat. When X-23 indicates that she is aware that there is a trap afoot, Alice flees and X-23 watches her go but does not pursue.

    Later on the road, X-23 comes across the the car the man was driving and investigates only to see that the man had killed Alice, which causes X-23 to go into a rage and decapitate the man. As she is digging the graves, Gambit arrives as he followed her to help her for reasons of his own.

    They travel only a short distance before they run into a police blockade that was apparently set up to catch them. Instead of fleeing, X-23 convinces Gambit to see where they take them only to arrive at a small out of the way house where they are greeted by Alice, a clone that X-23 quickly identifies as "not the same Alice." To clear up the confusion, Miss Sinister appears on the porch and offers them lodging as well as information about X-23's mother. Although Gambit is opposed, X-23 wants to accept the invitation of Miss Sinister as she wants to know about her mother and what information Miss Sinister possesses.

    Joining Miss Sinister, they are offered lodgings as Miss Sinister gives them a tour of the house where they see a lab and many children that Miss Sinister has little information on other than she found them in stasis and that she cares for them with the help of the town. She has paid off the town for their services and those that aren't paid are mind-controlled, which she freely admits. She also informs them that she does not possess all of the powers of Mister Sinister and that she has Mister Sinister's journals, which reveal a great deal about Laura's mother as well as the plots of Malcolm Colcord and his plans to revive the Weapon X program. As they know, Colcord is responsible for the creation of Wolverine as Weapon X and his involvement with Mister Sinister. She expresses doubt that Colcord knew or cared that Mister Sinister was a scientist working in the concentration camps that Colcord set up and thinks that part of those experiments led to the secret base she now inhabits.

    Taking them to their rooms, Miss Sinister informs Gambit that if his accommodations are inadequate, he is welcome to join her as she has a very large bed. Gambit tells her to "Drop dead!" to which Miss Sinister replies, "You first.", indicating an animosity between the two though they have never actually met and Miss Sinister confesses she does not have all of Mister Sinister's powers or memory.

    Instead of accepting separate quarters, X-23 insists on staying with Gambit but they only wait for Miss Sinister to leave the room before investigating. After leaving them, Miss Sinister is seen in the hallway apparently suffering pain before she touches her nose as it is bleeding, and then gushes blood. She leaves a trail of blood down the hallway on the wall and floor, which is quickly followed by X-23. X-23 loses the trail of Miss Sinister but soon finds the second Alice sitting in a chamber reading a book. She is reading to the last Alice Clone from Peter Pan so that "she won't be lonely."

    Meanwhile, Gambit has found an underground chamber where there is a river and is approached by X-23. He quickly reveals that it is a shape-changed Miss Sinister when she tries to seduce Gambit. He grabs her and threatens to blow off her head but she quickly turns off his powers completely and gains the upper hand as she threatens to gouge his eyes out unless he agrees to talk to her.

    She never gets the chance to have her conversation as X-23 appears with Alice and Miss Sinister is quickly stabbed and thrown away from Gambit. To their surprise, instead of rising as Miss Sinister, Mister Sinister rises from where the woman lies and quickly dispatches Gambit and then kills X-23 by crushing her throat. But Mister Sinister does not maintain control for long and Miss Sinister exerts enough will to transform back to herself.

    Quickly, she answers Alice's question that X-23 is dead but will not remain so long and they move her to a lab and Gambit to a cell. When X-23 wakes up, strapped to the chair, Miss Sinister informs her that she wishes to have X-23's healing factor because of the immortality that it will grant her. She states that she only wants to live and can only do that by transferring her essence into X-23 and taking her body as it is inevitable that Mister Sinister will take over her body.

    Starting the transfer, Miss Sinister feels the effects of the transfer begin and then it stops as she screams in frustration. Meanwhile, Alice is seen outside of Gambit's cell. In the lab, it turns out that Mister Sinister has transferred his essence into X-23 as he tells Miss Sinister that she does not deserve her body and that he deserves to live, not her. But before anything can happen, the self-destruct for the lab and house is activated by Gambit. Inside the lab, X-23 fights Mister Sinister and casts him out of her mind, only to have Alice arrive to free X-23 as the lab equipment in the room begins to explode. Miss Sinister hits Alice with a pipe, knocking her unconscious, but Gambit arrives and X-23 finishes freeing herself, only to stab Miss Sinister, who quickly retreats as Gambit collects Alice and encourages X-23 to leave even though X-23 wants to rescue the last Alice Clone.

    They evacuate and it turns out that Gambit lied about the children that were in the house and that they were already gone. They leave, taking Alice with them and make arrangements with Storm at Utopia for her care and that of the children as Colcord may wish to experiment on them in the event that they are "modified" as Gambit expresses his confidence that it will no longer be an issue and the children and Alice will be taken care of and protected. Behind them in the desert is a smoking pile of rubble that was a secret base. Gambit stated that Sinister always had self-destruct in place in order to protect his data from his experiments.

    Back in the desert inside the pile of rubble is an unconscious Miss Sinister with the last Alice Clone kneeling beside her telling her she will be alright. As they show Alice, her eyes are now bright blue and a diamond has appeared on her forehead indicating where the essence of Mister Sinister went when X-23 cast him out. At the end, Mister Sinister/Alice is seen with the unconscious Miss Sinister as he smiles down at her.

    Powers & Abilities

    Miss Sinister is a very powerful telepath. According to the Dark Reign Files, she is a potential replacement for the White Queen (Emma Frost). As the clone of Mister Sinister, she possesses all of his knowledge, skills, powers, and abilities. Genetically, she also possesses Xavier's telepathy and Courier's complete psionic control over every molecule of her body.

    Miss Sinister can fire blasts of concussive force from her hands or from the diamond-shaped scarlet mark on her forehead. Miss Sinister has the ability to mentally paralyze a foe she's touching and the ability to psionically "turn off" the superpowers of any mutant.


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