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    Character » Miss Prissy Hen appears in 48 issues.

    Miss Prissy is a love interest of Foghorn Leghorn

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    Miss Prissy is a spinster hen with a rather limited vocabulary. Part of her cartoons have her trying to lure a husband, typically Foghorn. Others have Foghorn wooing her, mostly in order to have access to her comfortable home and her supplies when his own resources appear insufficient. Some shorts feature her son Egghead Junior who Foghorn has trouble understanding.

    She was introduced in the short "Lovelorn Leghorn" (September 8, 1951). She reads a book with a title showcasing her problem: "Live Alone and Hate It". Then decides to seek a husband. She gets involved in the prank wars of Foghorn and Barnyard Dawg, each trying to deliver the other guy to Prissy. But she does walk away with Foghorn at hand by the finale.

    She returned in "Of Rice and Hen" (November 14, 1953). She is desperate due to her loneliness and attempts to commit her suicide. Foghorn happens upon the scene and saves her life, unwittingly gaining an infatuated suitor. He resists her advances. Until Dawg disguised as a rooster poses as a rival suitor. Foghorn gets jealous and actually competes for her hand. Prissy successfully snatches her husband.

    The situation is reversed in "Little Boy Boo" (June 5, 1954). Winter is coming and Foghorn decides to spend it as Prissy's warm little residence. He woos her by claiming that he needs her love to keep him warm. Prissy does not seem to get the literal meaning of the words. She consents to the proposed marital alliance but only if Foghorn acts as a good father to  her son Egghead Jr. Egghead is bookish and intellectual. Foghorn decides to teach him sports. But Egghead uses his intellect to both outdo and inflict pain of his would-be stepfather. By the end Foghorn concedes defeat, hoping his bandages will jeep him warm through the winter.

    The plot was essentially rehashed in "Feather Dusted" (January 15, 1955). Foghorn has decided to make Egghead quit the bookworm lifestyle in favor of something more active. Egghead retaliates. Prissy is mostly a spectator. She would not appear again until "A Broken Leghorn" (September 26, 1959). Prissy has not had an egg in a while and is concerned. Foghorn slips someone else's egg under her. But when the hatching ends, a young rooster emerges from the egg. Only to immediately attempt to displace Foggy. Here the conflict is one about authority in the henhouse.

    "Crockett-Doodle-Doo" (September 24, 1960) featured Foghorn and Egghead in a camping trip and without Prissy. Her presence apparently deemed unnecessary. She returned in "Strangled Eggs" (March 18, 1961). Foghorn again woos Prissy to get access to her house. But this time the problem is her new adoptive son, Henry Hawk. This was her last appearance in the Foghorn Leghorn series.

    She was featured next in "The Yolk's on You" (1980), a short created for a television special. There she lays a golden egg but gets rid of it, fearing Foghorn's reaction. Daffy Duck and Sylvester Pussycat, reduced to hobos, find the egg and spend the rest of the short trying to eliminate each other in order to lay sole claim to their finding.


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