Miss Oatlash

    Character » Miss Oatlash appears in 11 issues.

    A tight-laced, S&M-loving, Hitler apologist lawyer for Odin Quincannon.

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    A man with the scope of ambition and perversion like Odin Quincannon needs a lawyer of equal or greater ambition and perversion. A woman like Miss Oatlash.

    Little is known about her background, except that she is exceptionally well-versed in deviant sexual techniques, including bondage, masochism and domination, golden showers and the like. She is, without question, a very strong woman, and she is able to use this both in her personal and her private life.

    Her work in Salvation, Texas mostly involved keeping Quincannon's workers out of jail and keeping the meat packing plant away from the eye of environmental agencies. When Jesse Custer arrived, she found a whole new challenge. Not only was Jesse seemingly immune to Quincannon's attempts at bribery and coercion, and undeterred by her warnings, he also managed to catch her heart.

    Miss Oatlash's idol, her one true love, was Adolf Hitler, a man who she maintained was a peace-loving individual who had absolutely nothing to do with anything that may or may not have happened in Germany in the 30s and 40s. Her willful ignorance of history aside, she was in love with her idea of an ubermensch. Jesse seemed to be just what she was looking for.

    She managed to catch him off-guard and remake him into an image that she'd love. She cut his hair short and dressed him in a Nazi uniform. Then she tied him to the bed, ready to have her way with him. He escaped, though, thanks to his loyal dog, Skeeter, and easily subdued her.


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