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    Original Continuity

    Miss Match was a supervillain employed by Evil Inc as the head of the Plots and Schemes department. Miss Match was secretly married to the city's premier superhero, Captain Heroic, and the two had a child, Oscar. Much of the original continuity followed Miss Match's attempts to juggle this secret family life and her career. Captain Heroic repeatedly pressured Miss Match to give up villainy; however, Miss Match continually reaffirmed that being a villain was a fundamental part of who she was, and refused to change.

    When Miss Match's relationship with Captain Heroic is eventually discovered by her boss, Evil Atom, Evil Atom declares his intents to fire her and dedicate himself to destroying her as a way of getting back at the hero. Captain Heroic defeats Evil Atom in an intergalactic tournament and is granted one wish, which he uses to restore Miss Match's secret identity. Miss Match's trust in Captain Heroic increases when he does not use the wish to turn her into a superhero.

    Miss Match eventually accesses an alternate reality where moral roles are reversed. She becomes briefly infatuated with Captain Heroic's evil counterpart; however, she eventually decides she prefers her heroic husband and maintains her marriage. Miss Match's own heroic counterpart eventually suffers tragedy and is forced to send her child to the alternate dimension or watch her son die. The heroic Miss Match entrusts the core continuity villain Miss Match with raising her son, Oliver, and together Miss Match and Captain Heroic raise two children until the children inadvertently reset the universe into what became a hard reboot of the Evil Inc comic.

    Current Continuity

    Miss Match is one of many supervillains employed with the Fairmount City branch of Evil Inc. Miss Match is initially considered the frontrunner for the vacated position of branch manager; however, when CEO, Dr. Whoosh, staffs the position with an outside hire, Miss Match becomes notably upset. Miss Match presently is assigned lead on the 'Plots and Schemes' division, though despite generally being regarded as one of the more intelligent characters, she typically demonstrates a poor work ethic and lower level of competence. Miss Match is prone to distractions, many times leaving the office and entirely neglecting her work to attend to personal matters.

    Miss Match seems to climb the corporate ladder largely through inter-office politics, frequently giving back-handed complements and false praise to others, even those she actively dislikes. Miss Match is known for having a temper, accidently igniting fires within the office when angry and frequently storming out when presented with bad news. Miss Match also appears to be one of few employees that branch manager, Thea Rhutmann, uses for additional assignments outside her regular responsibilities, being forcibly displaced into a sales role when needed.

    Miss Match has engaged in few documented actually acts of villainy, mostly being occupied with her corporate responsibilities; however, Miss Match was nominated for a Nemmie Award for Best Villainess. Miss Match attempts to manipulate the award results through demonstration of a greater act of villainy, but becomes distracted by relationship matters and ultimately neglects and loses the competition.

    Miss Match eventually is caught by paparazzi on a date with Fairmount City's lead superhero, Captain Heroic, and prepares to resign from Evil Inc in light of the discovery; however, when her employer mistakenly assumes that the date was an attempt to manipulate secrets from the superheroes of Justice Ltd, Miss Match reluctantly claims truth in that plot, saving her job while finding herself then pressured to attempt dating other members of the heroes' team.

    Miss Match overhears tabloid gossip that alleges Captain Heroic has moved on to a new relationship, and not wishing to speak with him during this time of emotional duress, Miss Match leaves her apartment and moves in with former flame, Sobek-Ra, sleeping in a spare room and alleging to be "just friends" while Sobek-Ra makes repeated attempts to seduce her. Ultimately Sobek-Ra obtains the Dagger of Osiris, a magic weapon which can kill and resurrect a sacrificial person as immortal. Miss Match refuses Sobek-Ra's offer to become immortal, Captain Heroic arrives and finally explains the tabloid gossip, but Sobek-Ra stabs Miss Match anyway, seriously injuring her in the process.

    Visiting foreign royal and secret vigilante Princess Alexandria/Vybe intercepted the package before it arrives in Sobek-Ra's possession, resulting in him accidentally stabbing her with a non-magical dagger instead and nearly killing her. Alexandria obtains medical attention for Miss Match. Miss Match is later seen to have returned home, apparently in good health, and rekindles her relationship with Captain Heroic. Captain Heroic places a caveat on the relationship that they are not permitted at any time to discuss "work", insisting that Miss Match keep all villainy secret while Captain Heroic refuses to discuss any acts of heroism, and promising that should they meet in the process of their employment, they will fight against each other in a professional manner just as they would with any other hero or villain, to ensure that their relationship never compromises their morals or careers.

    These terms are put to the test when Miss Match, as head of the Plots and Schemes Department, is assigned to assist terminally ill supervillain, Evil Atom, in murdering his lifelong nemesis, Commander Heroic. Aware that Commander Heroic is Captain Heroic's father, Miss Match tries repeatedly to warn Captain Heroic so that he can stop the plan. Captain Heroic refuses to discuss these matters, insisting that he will end his relationship with Miss Match if she tells him anything about any of her schemes, and claiming her fears becoming indebted to her and obligated to later assist her villainy were she to first help him in his own efforts. Unable to warn Captain Heroic in time, Miss Match's planned assassination moves forward, only failing when a reincarnating supervillain known as Rewind jumps back into a previous life incarnation that had been feuding with Evil Atom, trapping the aging villain before he can end Commander Heroic's life.

    Captain Heroic and Miss Match reconsider the terms of their relationship, though Captain Heroic becomes accusatory when he learns that Miss Match was the villain whom had crafted the plan, damaging his relationship with Miss Match.


    Miss Match is identified as having previously had a fling with the Phantom Swordsman for the purpose of receiving a more favorable parking space. Miss Match presents herself as willing to use seduction and manipulation as a way of getting career advancement.

    Miss Match declares an early and hidden crush upon Captain Heroic. Initial attempts to seduce him are unsuccessful, resulting in Captain Heroic dating PsyChick Miss Match's feelings do not appear to end at that time, and she enters into an active rivalry with PsyChick, attempting regularly to undermine each other while vying for Captain Heroic's affections.

    During a sales assignment, Miss Match is seduced by the demi-god, Sobek-Ra. Miss Match has a single fling with Sobek-Ra, which is interrupted by Captain Heroic and ends when Sobek-Ra and Captain Heroic do battle. Miss Match later attempts to meet up again with Sobek-Ra to explore their relationship, but finds that Sobek-Ra has rekindled his former relationship with Miss Match's co-worker and sales associate, Catnip.

    Following the unexpected discovery of a former employee, Dr. Zapp, who has secretly been living and working in a hidden lab within Evil Inc's Fairmount branch, Miss Match and friendly rival Lightning Lady almost initiate the destruction of the entire office building through Dr. Zapp's earthquake machine. Lightning Lady seduces Dr. Zapp in order to distract and occupy him until his earthquake machine can be stopped, and Miss Match joins both, establishing herself as canonically bisexual.

    During the Nemmie Awards voting period, Miss Match tries to arrange for a plot where she would have her co-worker, Iron Dragon, dress as Captain Heroic and allow her to defeat him in a public battle to increase her popularity and respect amongst her fellow villains. The plan becomes derailed when a distracted Iron Dragon fails to arrive in a timely manner, and instead the real Captain Heroic confronts her, with Miss Match believing him to be the fake. When the two do battle, Miss Match appears to be poised to win, unaware that Captain Heroic shares her unspoken crush. Her rival and fellow Nemmie nominee, PsyChick, then traps both Miss Match and Captain Heroic within a reinforced metal box, preventing her from publicly defeating the hero, but inadvertently trapping Miss Match and Captain Heroic together overnight. The two profess their feelings and eventually arrange for a real date; however, when they are discovered by paparazzi, Captain Heroic is fired from Justice Ltd in disgrace, and Miss Match must feign that this was a part of an elaborate plot to steal information from the heroes, facing corporate pressure to begin dating Captain Heroic's friends.

    Miss Match hears a paparazzi newscast alleging that Captain Heroic has pursued another relationship just one day removed from her date, and angered by this discovery, she returns to her former lover, Sobek-Ra, until Sobek-Ra nearly murders Miss Match in an ill-conceived attempt to grant her immortality. Miss Match has definitively ended her relationship with Sobek-Ra, and is currently single, the future of her relationship with Captain Heroic uncertain.


    Miss Match is shown to have the ability to both create fire, and control all fire, whether or not it is of her creation.

    Miss Match can fly at a high rate of speed, crossing the city in a matter of minutes. Miss Match leaves a trail of fire through the sky as she flies.

    Miss Match demonstrates strength that exceeds that of a normal human of her size and fitness, proving capable of punching a superhero dozens of feet into the air, and cram another supervillain inside of a vending machine.


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