Miss Mass

    Character » Miss Mass appears in 5 issues.

    The buxom, brawling beauty of Omega Flight.

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    As a member of the incarnation of Omega Flight that was assembled by the Master Of The World, she proved to be quite a threat. When Talisman used wind to blow away Omega Flight, Miss Mass was able to stand her ground prevail against the heroine. Similarly, she took a blast from Windshear with ease. Miss Mass fled, however, when Persuasion used her abilities to turn Bile against her.


    Miss Mass was created by Simon Furman and Pat Broderick in 1992 and first appeared in Alpha Flight #110.

    Story Arcs

    Miss Mass would later almost kill Wild Child, but suffered a tremendous electric shock when Shaman caused it to rain, soaking Miss Mass before Feedback unleashed his powers on her.

    Presumably, Miss Mass remains in custody of the Canadian Authorities.

    Powers & Abilities

    Miss Mass possesses super strength, endurance and complete control over her mass.


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