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    Miss Masque's first appearance was in Exciting Comics #51. Now a part of Dynamite Entertainments 'Project Superpowers' she has returned from the Urn of Pandora as Masquerade with a new look and powers.

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     Sexy Pinup
    Sexy Pinup

    Young Diana Adams was a Canadian socialite visiting New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Having forgotten to bring a costume to the party, she looked for one in the curio shop on Bourbon Street. The shop owner tried warning her that the costume she picked out was possessed by the spirit of justice, but being in a hurry she ignores the warning buying the costume and speeds out.

    When the party is interrupted by robbers the spirit prods her into stopping the criminals and subsequently saving the life of a party-goer. Finding herself strangely satisfied by the experience, she decides to make crime fighting her full-time occupation fighting crime throughout WWII.

    Project Superpowers (Current)

    After WWII Diana found herself in much slower paced world were her fellow superheros continue to disappear without a trace. Her home life is also upended when her brother Martin Adams falls in love with the daughter of one of their father's house servants named Sara Gerard. Their father disapproved of Martin's relationship and would have kept Martin from his inheritance. So, Martin hired two criminals to help him pull of a kidnapping Diana in an attempt to get his inheritance by ransom. Everything went badly and instead of kidnapping Diana they kidnapped Martin's lover Sara. They then double crossed Martin and shot him three time killing him.

    Diana never stopped the murderers because she as Miss Masque and other superheroes from 'Project Superpowers' were trapped in the Urn of Pandora by the very misguided Fighting Yank. After spending 60 years in the Urn a series of event freed the trapped heroes leaving them confused and re-powered. In addition to gaining powers from her time in the urn but her outfit had a big change, she now wears a long side cut red overcoat, a wide-brimmed hat with a domino mask and two gun holsters. When the urn broke Miss Masque showed up in Japan with no memory of anything. She

    All the superheroes from
    All the superheroes from "Project Superpowers"

    eventually found another hero named V-Man and they were both taken to New York to meet up with all the other superheroes that were trapped in the urn.

    Miss Masque with the man she loves V-Man
    Miss Masque with the man she loves V-Man

    When she tries to reconnect her life she finds her brother Martin's lover Sara was pregnant and had a son. Her son had two daughters and the daughters had six more children giving her a lot of new family.

    If you read "Project Superpowers" you would know that she now has the powers due to being in the Urn of Pandora. One of her powers is to look like anyone she wants, otherwise a power known as chameleon or transformation. Currently Miss Masque is known to be going out with V-Man even though he has a decease that will kill anyone that comes into contact with him. Miss Masque's second power comes from her chameleon power, it makes it so that every time she turns back into herself she is healed from any damages or deceases.

    She loses all her memory when she changes to another person all until she changes back to herself then she remembers everything even her experiences as the other person. When she changes into the person of her choice she learns every thing they

    Miss Masque showing her costume after the her Golden Age comic
    Miss Masque showing her costume after the her Golden Age comic

    know and she knows every entire memory of theirs. She used her powers to change into V-Man at one point and now she knows everything about him which led into a relationship between the two.


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    Miss Masque showing her Golden Age costume

    Miss Masque is a superhero with the powers of and advanced human capabilities, one of the powers is the chameleon power. The second power is healing, only by using her chameleon power though. The chameleon power lets her know the entire past of the person she turns into and how they think and what they are thinking which is very useful if she uses it to turn into an enemy. There is one bad thing to the chameleon, when she changes into the person she chooses she believes she is that person and doesn't remember who she really is until she changes back.

    After she changes back she remembers everything, including the other persons

    Miss Masque and Samson in
    Miss Masque and Samson in "Project Superpowers"

    memory and how they think. Besides that she just has the advanced human abilities of marksmanship, agility, stamina and intellect.


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