Has there been any interaction between her and John Johns?

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I don't think so. I wish there was though.

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Maybe She become's his sidekick.

( If he come's back to life. )
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Could they have kids I wonder?

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I've been wringing my hands over this for a while now, actually.  But once J'onn fell out of the picture, it was pretty much moot.  They're both really mellow characters, though, and I'm worried that their inevitable meeting will be somewhat anti-climactic.

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@MrMiracle77 said:
"  I'm worried that their inevitable meeting will be somewhat anti-climactic. "
you can say that out loud, would be like a long lived marriage living seperately lol
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I always hoped they'd get to know each other better, ya know...maybe she could be like his "daughter".  Cause really, she does have alot of issues.  Needs some adult help if ya ask me lol

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