Miss Golden Week

    Character » Miss Golden Week appears in 57 issues.

    Miss Golden Week is a former member of Baroque Works organization. She uses special paints call Color's Trap to manipulate people and animals into doing whatever she desires them to do. She is partnered up with Mr. 3.

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    Miss goldenweek was a member of Baroque works. She hasn´t got devil fruit´s powers.

    She has control on the Colors trap she can hypnotizes her victim through the influence of colours and can alter a fight accordingly. Her attacks are:

    -Uragirimono No Kuro (Black - Color of Betrayal): Causes target to do the opposite of what is said. Orginally used against Luffy. She later uses against some Marines in the Mini-Story Miss Goldenweek's Operation "Meet Baroque Works". [2]

    -Warai No Kiiro (Yellow - Color of laughter): Causes target to laugh uncontrollably

    -Tougyuu No Aka (Red - Color of a Target): Causes target to always attack where the mark is painted.

    -Kanashimi No Ao (Blue - Color of Sadness): Makes the target to be sad. Not seen.

    -Nagomi No Midori (Green - Color of Soothing) (Blue + Yellow): Causes target to sit down and have a picnic with Goldenweek.

    -Shinboku No Kiao (Yellow-Green - Color of Friendship) (Green + Yellow): Causes target to be Goldenweek's friend and help her out.

    -Yume No Niji (Rainbow - Color of Dreams): Effect is still unknown, but it apparently makes anyone who sees it realize their dreams, and change their appearance to match it.

    She was defeated by Carue, Vivi's pet spot-billed duck.

    She with the help of Mr.5 and Miss valentine rescues the rest of baroque wors´members unless Crocodile, Mr.1, Mr.3 and Mr.2.

    Her dream is become a true artist, complete with a beret and mustache.


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