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    Miss Fury is one of the earliest female heroes in the pulp era, featured prominently from 1941 to 1952. Created, written and drawn by June Tarpe Mills, one of the few women in the business at the time. Miss Fury was the inspiration for Marvel's Hellcat.

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    Original Miss Fury

    Miss Fury first appeared in the Newspapers Sunday April 6, 1941, later these were reprinted in comic book form for 8 issues starting with Miss Fury #1 by Timely comics, Winter 1942.

    Marla Drake was a rich socialite whose life had no purpose. Circumstance and whim had her don the ancient ceremonial Black Leopardskin costume to attend a masquerade. As whenever one is chosen by the forces of mystermen/women, she never made it to that party. Instead she helped apprehend a murderer and was known for a while as The Black Fury but later was dubbed "Miss Fury".

    Malibu Comics

    Marlene Drake, the granddaughter of the original Miss Fury, has donned the cowl and continued to fight crime as Miss Fury. Her biggest foe was her own aunt Stephanie, who named herself the Black Fury. They both fell in a vat of chemicals and were imbued with powers that granted them a berserker strength that left them prone to have sudden attacks of violence. Miss Fury was an ally of the Protectors.

    Dynamite Entertainment

    Miss Fury has joined a team called Masks. She joins Green Lama, Black Terror, Black Bat, The Shadow, Green Hornet, Kato, The Spider and Zorro. Miss Fury has also been cast in her own spin-off title.

    Major Story Arcs



    Set in 1938 when The Justice Party has been elected power of New York State, it soon conspires the newly-elected officials are controlled by powerful criminals, who quickly corrupt the law to their own advantage. A fascist police state is instituted and ordinary citizens are brutalised, oppressed and crushed into submission. The only ones who stand up to protect the innocent are masked vigilantes like The Shadow, The Green Hornet, The Spider and Miss Fury.

    Miss Fury (2013)

    The story is set in 1943 where Marla Drake is the daughter of a rich aristocrat and was sent to spend some time in the jungles of Kenya. After the natives grant her superhuman powers through a magic potion and ritual, she returns back to America and dons a disguise that is her Miss Fury outfit and performs robberies to create her own fun and save her from her boredom. She is seen taking out some mobsters that are in reality, secret Nazi agents that are able to control time to a degree and are trying to attack the U.S. from within. Marla then heads off to attempt the robbery of a crown but is sucked into a portal that sends her into the future year of 2013 where the United States is now being attacked by the Nazis.

    Miss Fury battles some of the Nazis and manages to take out a fighter jet and grab onto the ejector of a downed plane before the other one explodes and crashes into her. She falls and is found by an alternate version of Mr. Harmon. She breaks out after seeing the chief Nazi that sent her through time in the interrogation office. Time switches back to 1942 where she is bedded by Captain Chandler. She switches back to 2013 and appears to be working for America now but she is attacked by what appears to be robots. It is revealed that high tech nazi agents with cloaking devices and the ability to shape-shift and time travel that have been continuing WW II in present. Marla tries to fight back by using the city to her advantage, but their armor is too advanced for her guns to do anything so she uses a motorcycle instead. Time switches and it shows her drunk at a party with another rich guy and she takes him and dives off of a balcony but she catches a flag pole and throws him through a window to save both of them. Time switches back and she explains the situation with Harmon and she finds one of the altered Nazis by the name of Pinkston, who has replaced a billionaire in high power and attacks. But when she gets a hold of him, multiple armored Nazis show up in his defense.

    Marla begins battling the armored agents and holds her own quite well before getting overwhelmed. The chief Nazi, who is revealed to be Schauburger, appears and uses a device and makes a large, armored naval ship appears in the middle of the street and it runs over Pinkston. Marla manages to escape the Nazis and jump along the ship to get to Schauburger, but they both switch through time once more. She jumps back to 1942 where Chandler is saying his goodbyes to her as he leaves for the army once more. But before he does, he asks Marla to marry him to which she agrees, but it is assumed he dies as Marla has a telegram and is passed out on the floor. She jumps into the more distant future, beyond 2013, and fights off more Nazis but escapes with Schauburger. She attempts to kill him but the bullet phases through him and Schauburger explains the events further that someone like him is either lost in time or in control of it.

    Marla continues to talk with Schauburger as he explains the situation. At the moment in time when Hermann, Marla, Pinkston, and Schauburger met in 1943, the Faraday device explosion didn't just pull her in, but the rest of the factions were pulled in as well. The difference between her and Schauburger is that he was killed and whatever soul remained was pulled into the time stream, effectively making him a ghost. He reveals that it is Hermann who is the threat to time itself, and that Marla is the one who must kill him. Marla refuses to kill the pilots of the jets like Schauburger says she must do, and he reveals that it was Hermann who killed Chandler. Marla then switches between 2013 and 1943 once more to the moment when the machine exploded. She finds Hermann about to take the jewels from the crown, but she vows never to kill again, that is after she shoots Hermann in the skull. In a fit of rage, Marla then unloads on the crown, jewels, and the machine to prevent any more time travel from happening. She uses one of Schauburger's time grenades to go back in time to 1942 where Chandler asked her to merry him, but she finds that he is not there. This leaves her distraught and wondering if he ever existed, but in the shadows Schauburger is watching her as he switches and disappears.

    Powers and Abilities

    The original Miss Fury has no super-powers but was very agile. The Black Leopard skin costume from Brazil. According to Albino Joe, a Brazilian albino friend of Marla Drake's, the Black Leopard Skin could produce miracles, but it would also bring misfortune to anyone who wore it.The skin did have claws attached over the knuckles and possible a weighted "tail" for smacking guns out of people's hands.

    The next Miss Fury fell into a vat of chemicals that have given her super strength, but left her vulnerable to enter in a state of rage.

    The newest Miss Fury was given a potion while on an expedition trip to Kenya her dad sent her to on her twenty-first birthday after dealing with the problematic and killer of a tour guide. Combined with a magic ritual the natives performed, she was endowed with superhuman powers. She has shown superhuman strength to the degree that she can kick a table through reinforced glass and dent armor that it took a sniper rifle to punch through. She is granted superhuman reflexes shown when she ducks under a semi truck that is near inches from her face. She is also granted heightened agility shown when leaping around street lights and off of buildings to get up to places. She must also have heightened durability as well when she shows the ability to take hits from cybernetically armored Nazis.

    Miss Fury shows she is an adept hand-to-hand combatant. She also demonstrates proficient use in firearms and uncanny accuracy, as she was able to shoot a pilot in an oncoming fighter jet while he was shooting at her.


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